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ssj - It was a joke because this thread is ridiculous, we already have two mods who own and love their PS3's, so asking for a PS3-leaning mod as if we don't already have them is silly.

I'm getting married in a couple weeks so have been a *bit* busy to deal with this site much. :)

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^^ Congrats to that DK, are we not invited to the wedding ???




Well, I could reccommend someone. And that someone is myself.

I feel that I'm pretty well-rounded in my console loving, I love Halo, Killzone, Metroid and Counter Strike. I currently only have a PS3, but I am eyeing up the 360s and I've been planning on getting a Wii next year anyway. I also owned the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube last generation, and I'll still give my Gamecube and Xbox lots of love (Mario Sunshine and Halo 2).

I do have experience in moderation as I used to admin a small site for a school project, and I used to moderate a FPS website which went down in flames a few years ago (Admin took a bad fall with drugs and stuff).

I'm also quite good at biting my tongue and I'm used to fanboyism as all of tmy mates are fanboys of consoles.

I also have enough time to dedicate to moderating this site.

I think we've clarified a few times that there is no need for any more mods

El Duderino said:
^^ Congrats to that DK, are we not invited to the wedding ???

God - could you imagine?!?!? It would be like some freaky Star Trek convention. Not that I'm implying anything about the regulars on this forum, but we are all videogame sales stat freaks, and I can only imagine the crew that would be throwing rice at DK...    :P

 ...congrats, by the way - been married for 7 years myself - it's not as bad as they say...   ...really, it's not... really, I'm serious.



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^^ I think it would be great, we would all come wearing T-shirts with our avatar on it an have our sales predictions printed on the back, then we could all get drunk and watch the fanboys start fights with each other, DK´s wife would be pissed as hell though.




And all the mods have these huge ban hammers...waiting for someone to step out of line.

gran turismo also gets my vote...

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super_etecoon said:

No one is getting anything. This was just a discussion/idea thread. The "Chance to Be a Mod" has no affiliation whatsover with this one. I'm sorry if that creates any confusion.

  That's good because it's a very, very, very bad idea. Choice of console has nothing to do with enforcing the ToU and hiring anyone on the basis of their favourite console would only serve to justify a devision between userbases and worse, divisions in the staff. You'll have people who can say, justified or not, "he warned me because my post said the wii was a fad". Right now people may say that and it may be true as mods are only human after all, however the principle of staff neutrality exists so that no one mods bias can set the standard for how users should act in a section, vs how they should act in other. If one staff member makes a decision out of bias, the rest of the staff exist for an unbiased overview of the warning. If the board decides to start hiring on a basis of fanboyism, then the entire principle is destroyed. Hirings should be about competence, not equal opportunity for opinion.

true said:
heres bens bais.

How was that thread trolling ?

i guess anything not pro wii is trolling in his eyes.

Even though you're banned, you're obviously still reading, so I'll say this in hopes that one day, it'll sink in.

There is a difference between criticizing and trolling.  The reason your anti-Wii threads get locked is because they're a bunch of BS.  If you want to talk about the number of E-rated vs. M-rated games available for the consoles, you need to be prepared to say something other than "facts don't favor the Wii" when it's been made obvious many times over that your "facts" are a narrowly selected sample that paint a very distorted picture.

This goes for everyone: You need to engage people who disagree with you in conversation, not just dismiss them.  You can play the same old "fanboys don't want the truth" broken record, but you're never going to get anywhere but banned unless you try responding to people.  And by responding I mean reading what they're saying, thinking about it, and then answering, not throwing out another one-liner from your list of canned responses.