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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is High Voltage Software Nintendo's spiritual Rare?

I'm opening up a giant Can-of-Worms marinated with Crazy Sauce and throwing it in your face.


"High Voltage Software hasn't even proven their games are any good yet. For all we know, that Gladiator game and The Conduit will suck."


That is a really fair assessment, in fact, I would probably take this stance myself. However, by Rare, I mean that they don't consider their IPs made for the Wii going anywhere else, and they are currently attempting to fill a gap in the system's library.


Rare had Jet Force Gemini, Conquer's Bad Fur Day, GOLDENEYE, Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie, Killer Instinct, and maybe one other thing...and they were all hot games that the N64 would've pretty much died instantly without.

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Time will tell.

Well I hope their games are better than Rare's current games or it's not going to mean much that they are only making them on Wii.

I have to say I like their initiative and desire to prove that the Wii is for adults under 50. I have a good feeling about the Conduit, but so far Gladiator AD looks kind of cheesy and unoriginal. I would love for them to prove me wrong though. Also maybe my opinion will chnage later today when IGN reveals their other new Wii game.


I'm going to have to say that we should wait before giving them that label.

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they have made one game!!!!!!!!!!!!

which has one review. i think it is way too soon to start comparing them to Rare

If they prove to have good games then I see them more as another Retro,remember before Metroid Retro had Raven Blade,NFL football,Mario Football,some twisted metal game all in the works so they had many ideas and obviously the talent. HVS could be the new Retro without the Metroid.

Rare =/= RareWare.

Rare is a trash. A waste of money and time.

Rare games were on the same level as Nintendo internal games.
I doubt HVS will ever achieve that quality. But I give them "+" for trying to make something interesting for core gamers.

Rare games were 9/10
I expect HVS games to be 7-8/10

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