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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is High Voltage Software Nintendo's spiritual Rare?

dude17761991hatp said:
All I know is, Gladiator A.D. could include the Colosseum-filled sea battles, and that'd be it. I'd be done. For life.

Those were never verified to actually have happend, though i would really expect hem to see them. That would a awesome level. With big crodcodiles or hippo's in the water. The water in the conduit looked very good so the engine can handle it. Off course the gladiators aren't exactly super accurate either, but should be fun none the less.


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They work so hard in making of TC, and looking like GAD and TG are result from their staffs researching what games on Wii that they still able to make and meet consumer's need.

Imo HVS is the most hard working 3rd party now, i hope their games come out great as everyone expected. :)

To Answer at the question:

I hope so.

i thinks that Nintendo should make HigVoltage (if they want to) second party...or at least giving them some kind off ascent guaranties as long as they go Nintendo exclusive.... Think that to get ready for next generation nintendo need to get like those and one or two other 3rd party developers to start work on hardcore games for first this and then the next Nintendo system...or dont need to...but they have the money and it would help them still make money if those new gamers dont come back and by a new console again (most off the wii fit gamers probably wont come back)....

lets first see how all those 3 games turn out shall we?

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Rare was always a second party/tied developer (The had the Donkey Kong license for DKC), which gives them a significant advantage over HVS. Plus, they were developing top tier games for 10 years before the SNES came out.

I think that HVS will never get as successful or popular as Rare was at it's height, but that's not saying anything bad about HVS. If they do a good job on the Conduit and the other two games they could potentially become a major developer, which will be impressive considering they were basically an unknown port-developer two years ago.

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I think we should wait for them to release a game first...

Well, something that isn't a port or a TV show game.

Mr.Y said:

I think we should wait for them to release a game first...

Well, something that isn't a port or a TV show game.

You don't count wiiware games as releases? Gryotarr,Hot Rod King are wiiware games by them.

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Honestly, Nintendo needs to at least sign HVS to an exclusive multi-game deal or something. They are at the very least a Wii tenacious developer and it would give better security to the core Wii audience.

I'm just saying...

Does the announcement of The Grinder drive the point home even further to truth?

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