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nice surprise this was. i agree, it looks less vgchartz and more gamespot, but my main issue is the speed. it is terrible!

i usually visit the site using my ps3 and or my ipod touch. the site causes my itouch to crash and the homepage takes ages to load. other than a new interface, it seems like a step backwards :s

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Tried to edit my sig and now it's all fucked up, keep trying to fix it but nothing is working.

My opinion of this update is degrading quickly.

After getting money for adding achievements/trophies, they need to be grouped, because otherwise you get 50 separate items in your recent transactions box

Everything seems to be working much quicker and smoother, great work!


EDIT: I mean seems not needs!

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I just have a couple of bugs to report, but otherwise im quite pleased with the changes!

Im using IE7 on Vista 32:

Ok when I click on the recent threads bar it says page not displayed but when I physically navigate on the forums to the thread it works perfectly.

Also when I try to edit my profile from the quicklinks area it says page not displayed.

Otherwise I love the changes, especially the flash for the news and chartz sections on the from page, love the colour coded news links and the mouse over hot topics for all threads in all forums. Its so easy to navigate, I open up far fewer tabs now which is great.


I find a broken link:
while viewing a review i can't change the commentary page.

I prefer white background, easier for my eyes... and orange text doesn't help either...

But my biggest concern is the fact i have to scroll to see the entire pages: my PC monitor is a small one, but with the old version of the site, everything was on my screen... now, i have to scroll to the right on EVERY page, while most of the times (like on forums), the left side of the page is absolutely... empty...

If that problem is solved in a near future, then it may be ok for me to get used to the new version.

If not, i will only visit once a week instead of every day, like i use to for more than two years now...


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My only complaint with the new layout is the cluttered appearance of the front page. There is just too many things going on. Less text would help in that regard, maybe throw something off the front page that doesn't really need to be there.

Other than that, I love it. Reading forums for a significant amount of time on a white background can really annoy your eyes - the darker pallet is much better. I haven't seen much in the way of new features, but the flash-based shortcuts and Quick Links are quite useful.

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