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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why Nintendo Fanboys Support the Wii

I'm not a Ninty fanboy, or a Sony fanboy, or any kind of fanboy (except maybe Megaman jejejeje)

Now, i sure hate the fact that the Wii doesn't look like the PS3 or 360 in my HDTV (although using the component cables instead of the composite ones does an improvement, still is far from being HD), and i sort of dislike the Wiimote for some games (like Brawl or MkWii or Twilight Princess), and i don't like the online, or that 3rd parties are doing some crappy things for it (Seriously Capcom, Dead Rising only needed a graphics downgrade and a controller remapping for the Wiimote, noooooo you had to make a really crappy version of it for the Wii???)... But this annoyances are not close to the fun i'm having with this console, so i support the Wii as long as it deserves to be supported...

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Well, that's a massive generalisation if I've ever heard one...

To say my own views on these three things...

Graphics: I simply do not get impressed by graphics of a higher level than Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 is the pinnacle of graphics for me - Sure, I can tell when other games have better graphics, but I don't care in the slightest. If it's RE4 or better the graphics are already perfect, for me.

Online: PC has superior online and has had for years, I don't play consoles for online and probably never will.

Controls: Wii has awesome controls, and the motion controls aren't just about shaking a wiimote. Older controls are fun too, but the Wiimote really is a nice piece of equipment.

Also, most people, myself included, actually do think that Nintendo have made a massive slew of awesome games this gen ... You don't think that might be why they get our support?

EDIT: And now I notice this is pretty much a copypaste of Rol's thread...

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ok, you win. I'm confused as all hell

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

So what is this? A sociological experiment where the very same content is posted with two different titles, addressing different subsets of readers, to see how the response is correlated to their background?
My guinea-pig herding inner self approves of this.

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Wait, what?

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Maybe it's because the last 2 years have been 2 of the most (if not the most) well received, critically acclaimed, fan-serving, and all around solid "core" gaming in video gaming history from a single publisher.

I'm not going to list them, someone else can.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

lol i love vg chartz members. you guys are my life

Low and behold, they are great and bold and have given us cartridges of gold!

Things that need to die in 2016: Defeatist attitudes of Nintendo fans

the solution is stop being a fanboy of consoles and be a fan of games.

i hated how Nintendo was the most Retro now being the most Casual yet those so called Nintendo fanboys didnt notice this.

Is that the exact same thread, word for word?

If you want to be as popular as Rol, you should try typing up your own thread. You know, use your imagination or something. That's step 1. Don't worry about the other steps. Just work on step 1 for now.

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