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Is this for real? I almost bought a DS and the DS version turned out to be vaporware.

PS I played the game and not a rom.

ClaudeLv250 said:
I hope that they retain the game's brutal difficulty so it can kick as many asses today as it did back on the NES.

But is it confirmed as a remake?


As far as I know, yes, although no doubt the difficulty will be tuned down, as most folks just can't handle NES games.

Can't blame 'em. Damn things were hard!

It looks great.

whats this game about?

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never played the original but the visual style looks awesome... reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's movies...

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11ht11 said:

whats this game about?

Thanks for that scan. It looks beautiful.

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11ht11 said:

whats this game about?

You played a boy that befriended an alien blob that landed on Earth. He escaped from the evil dictator that rules his planet, and you, as a boy of no more than 12, go on a quest with him to free his planet from the evil blob king.

For the most part the game made no sense. You spend the first half traversing deep, dangerous labyrinthine caverns under your neighborhood, collecting a set amount of treasures while avoiding lethal falls, giant earthworms and other...interesting deathtraps. When you got out you'd get some rare jellybeans and you could buy the vitablaster thing...that's when you went to the blob's planet to evade even more bizarre enemies and deathtraps, culminating in a "boss fight" that is completed with the toss of a jelly bean.

The game is infamous for its brutal difficulty. From the very start it let's you know that it's out to make you its bitch, and does nothing to help you along. It does not tell you what you need to do or where to go, and since it's non-linear you can go to the blob's planet immediately and get demolished by the freaky shit that goes on there with no real way to get beyond it. The gameplay is also unconventional. The boy and the blob need each other, they can't really get far independently. The blob won't do anything without you telling him what to do, and you need the blob's abilities to survive just about everything. The jelly beans are labeled by flavor so you don't really know what they do until you use them (outside of their puns), there's no map, and a lot of the danger and traps are either trial by error or just really hard. Using the hole form of the bob to slip through thin floors can lead you to a new area or drop you several screens to your death. There's an underwater segment where you use the blob as a bubble to get to the treasure surrounded by stalagmites...move the wrong and get too close and - POP! Dead. See those cherry looking things falling off the trees? They're going to kill you in 3...2...1...DEAD!

A lot of people don't like it because of those reasons, but I think that's what gives it it's charm. I guess the only thing I'm afraid of with this remake is that it'll get too easy, it will be too linear, and it won't carry the bizarre spirit of the original game. I want to see giant cornfields with jumping popcorn that will kill you, and caves with random teeth that try to chomp down on you.

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thetonestarr said:
The real question is how many of the people here actually played the real game and not a ROM.

I still have my cartridge.



I was kinda turned off by this new art style until I saw that shot of the blob jumping in the air to catch a jelly bean.  I'm in love again.

I had it for the first Gameboy. This was the hardest game I ever played as a child. I played it for hours, but I didn't even manage the first level. Ah wait, it had just one huge level! But it had something that kept me going back and back and back. Even with this difficulty and my non-existant english knowledge at that time. I might give it a shot again.