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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Japan is Games?

Whole thing translated:

The Japanese are the best developers:

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts developer (Square Enix):

Tetsuya Nomura

Ape Escape developers (SCE)

Kenkichi Shimooko
Hiroyuki Kotani

Metal Gear Solid developer (Kojima Productions):

Hideo Kojima

Klonoa developers (Namco/Namco Bandai):

Hideo Yoshizawa
Yoshihiko Arai
Kumiko Watanabe

Harvest Moon developers:

Yasuhiro Wada (Marvelous Entertainment / Natsume / Rising Star Games)
Igusa Matsuyama (Victor Interactive Software)

To begin with, I thought this was like a Super Smash Bros. for Japanese game developers

Maybe it is...

Anyway, I would have to disagree. I still say America has the best studios, but Japan is second.

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soulsamurai said:


LMAO !!! .... man I laughed so hard at this comment :P

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Esmoreit said:
Damn... Kantor, you should have been on Scooby doo!

Res, ri am rite rood.

Ra round rof applause?

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RolStoppable said:
I understand only station.


 You mean trainstation, I guess?

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I don't think the Japan is games, actually.

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ahaha , Still not solved -.-


Yeah, I figured this out earlier today because my mind kept wandering to this crazy thread at school. In all honesty, I feel that with all the thinking and deciphering I had to do, I deserve better than a shallow and unsubstantiated opinion piece. :P

I can only wonder how someone's grammar can get this bad. Maybe the OP types in another language and translates the whole thing with babelfish...or something. Whatever it is, I will never make the mistake of spending so much time deciphering a forum post on the internet again.

This thread wins the internet

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I pick this confusing thread for post 666.


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