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The Japan is game see.


Final Fantasy is Kingdom Hearts characters:

Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts) as (Square Enix)

Ape Escape characters:

Kenkichi Shimooko (Ape Escape) as (SCEI / SCEA and Sony Computer Entertainment)
Hiroyuki Kotani (Ape Escape) as (SCEI / SCEA and Sony Computer Entertainment)

Metal Gear Solid characters:

Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) as (Konami/ Kojima Productions)

Klonoa characters:

Hideo Yoshizawa (Klonoa) as (Namco / Namco Bandai Games)
Yoshihiko Arai (Klonoa) as (Namco / Namco Bandai Games)
Kumiko Watanabe (Klonoa) as (Namco / Namco Bandai Games)

Harvest Moon characters:

Yasuhiro Wada (Harvest Moon) (Marvelous Entertainment / Natsume / Rising Star Games)
Igusa Matsuyama (Harvest Moon) (Victor Interactive Software)


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what? what about those characters?

What the heck are you trying to say!?!

is just me or this whole thread didn't make any sense at all !!!!!!!!!!!

Did you translate this from japanese with an online translator? Seems like that...

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Wow.. this guy really confuses me

Well, I'm off to go kill myself.


Old Brawl code..ask for my new one..

I choose this awesome thread for my 500th post.


Hey, Chef Brian came to visit us!!!