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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No Other Console Game this Gen Will match Crysis Graphics(56k)!

Onyxmeth said:
HappySqurriel said:

One of the more interesting things will be the cross platform HD-Console/PC games that are released in late 2009 and beyond ...

We're at a point in the generation where the PC market will be moving their minimum requirements to levels beyond the capabilities of the consoles, and this means they will be producing ultra-low versions of their models/textures/effects for the HD console version of a game. Much like the XBox version of games like Half-Life 2 and Far Cry, this will result in the console versions looking far worse than the PC version and there will be a return of the PC "Fanboy" gloating.

What are you talking about? Half-Life 2 on Xbox was better than the PC version graphically.



I know, blury textures and low detailed models at low resolutions look so amazing

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Oh shoot. I hope that wasn't too much work because I was just playing. April Fools.

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^^ LOL

Here are the pics I took, the one with the red lines in the middle = me playing in the in game cutscene!




I love Leos support of mgs4
gotta say... i agree 100% with him


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Nice pics, leo-j.


Here is motorstorm lolzzz Im suprised it looks this good on an HD TV 0-0



Yes I know how good MSG4 looks I've got it myself, stil it isn't close.

You MUST watch the Photoreal Crysis video!


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This just in, $2000 PC's play shinier games than a $400 console :P