Forums - Sales Discussion - NA up, 1 million freaking Wiis!!!!!!!!!



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Wii breaks 20 million in the Americas !!

PSP and 260 both break 15 million, but 360 overtakes the PSP!!

Wii is a beast!

1 million wii's sold last





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amazing more billions are flowing into nintendo's direction

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Dang it, the Wii is selling like pancakes with extra syrup :)
Congrats to the all consoles actually, when looking at them the PS3 did 300k the 360 did 500k close to 600k and the Wii did 1 million. Those are some awesome figures for the holidays.


NA sales compared to last week:

(Updated: 360 numbers were off)


Last Week This Week Change Percent
DS 699,061 935,239 +236,178 +34%
Wii 750,638 1,000,930 +250,292 +33%
Xbox 360 388,051 535,806 +147,755 +38%
PSP 214,620 298,341 +83,721 +39%
PS3 180,755 239,576 +58,821 +33%

Hopefully sales wont decrease that much. Last year next week there were only 2 shopping days worth of sales before christmas. This time there will be 4.

Software is gonna be insaaaaane!!!
that was totally unexpected, i still cant believe it.... insane weeks for Wii and DS