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Wow, just wow, i still cant believe these numbers for the wii and look at the 360, damn.

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Holy f*** at Wii and DS!!!

a minute ago it had 48.9% market share.... now its up to 49.1!!!
Frikkin amazing!!


PS3 others numbers were ok but this is bad. PS3 is bleeding market share, and it's being lapped up by Wii.

Damn I almost made a thread for this!! One second too late...

OT: This can't be's impossible! 1 million sales in Americas alone?! Can the Wii reach 45 mil before the year end? It's going to be close but we know the Wii gave it a hell of a try...

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How many Wii's by the end of the year? 46 million maybe?

That's motherf*ckin' AMAZING, Shepard!

Holy ?%&!$

NA is all about Wii(360). Well and a DS on the go.

NA is dead land for the PS3. No chance the PS3 will catch up to the Xbox360 here.


Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

Damn were lucky this week

360 came so close to hitting a mill this week


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PS3 will hit 500,000 this week after japan...yay...

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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