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What recession?

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Ouch, why is this up so quick??? :/ More work for me.


OK, now that is impressive, I've gotta say. 1Mil Wiis in 1 territory, holy hell.

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leo-j said:

those are 07-08 percentage increases?


 No, last week to this week. 

I can do last year...


Wii: + 250K (33%)

DS: + 35K ( + 4%)

X360: + 150K ( + 39%)

Ps3: + 5K (+ 2%)

PsP:  -8K (- 2.5%)


nojustno said:
WiiStation360 said:

NA sales compared to last week:


  Last Week This Week Change Percent
DS 699,061 935,239 +236,178 +34%
Wii 750,638 1,000,930 +250,292 +33%
Xbox 360 338,051 535,806 +197,755 +58%
PSP 214,620 298,341 +83,721 +39%
PS3 180,755 239,576 +58,821 +33%


ffing hell @ 360

 He is using the wrong numbers. X360 sold 388K last week, not 338K. It increased 38%, not 58%.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Wow, all the systems are doing over te predictions, 360 will be over 27m, wii maybe over 45m. the ps3 is the only one down.

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The Ghost of RubangB said:
50% by the end of the year.



Wow. Animal Crossing a system seller?

Its not even funny with the Wii it would be fair if it had some competition for once.


Holy fuckin' shit Wii.

Soriku said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
50% by the end of the year.



not likely

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