Forums - Sales Discussion - NA up, 1 million freaking Wiis!!!!!!!!!

50% by the end of the year.

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This was expected. Nothing extraordinary here. All these growths should be expected.

Wii saw the smallest growth of all the machines.



DS + 240K (34%)

Wii: + 250K (+ 33%)

X360: + 150K ( + 38%)

Ps3: + 60K (33%)

PsP:  + 80K ( + 37%)


PS: Wiistation60, you have the wrong numbers for X360.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

I am impressed with Nintendo's ability to ramp up production for the holidays, but they are still supply constrained in the US. That is crazy.

I don't think that PS3 is completely dead in NA. Yea it won't catch up to the 360s because of price (and other reasons which escape me) but it doesn't mean it's dead.

WTF man! Wii just raped everybody!!!

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those are 07-08 percentage increases?



if JP pulls through 4 the wii it well beat ps2 old record 1,761,655 highest peak week that well break my heart


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DAMMM I mil for the wii is just amazing, and the 360 almost 1 mill in a week

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WiiStation360 said:

NA sales compared to last week:


Last Week This Week Change Percent
DS 699,061 935,239 +236,178 +34%
Wii 750,638 1,000,930 +250,292 +33%
Xbox 360 338,051 535,806 +197,755 +58%
PSP 214,620 298,341 +83,721 +39%
PS3 180,755 239,576 +58,821 +33%


ffing hell @ 360