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Gimme that woman in Metroid, Lara Croft and Ashley Williams from Mass Effect. A woman in uniform and packing heat rocks.

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PS:  Where are all the Lara Croft pics?

mibuokami said:

I have to contribute to this thread since its already been brought up.

Not only the BEST ASS EVER in gaming history but also not afraid to shake them fine booty like noboby's business.





4 ≈ One

this is oneof my favorite threads ever lol

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Check out the protagonist of HeXit :)

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It's fun reading this thread just to see what image sources will keep your image kicking after 3.5 years, and which ones will not

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.


Edit: forgot some


Awesome bump! Deep inside we are all just some sad perverts.

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