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Forums - Sony Discussion - So simple for sony to win that its pathetic...

De85 said:

You think the BC is far more important than it actually is.  For the most part all these peoples' old PS2s will still work fine so that is a non-issue.  The internet is nice, but they probably all have computers, and when you include the high-def cable as a selling point you're really grasping at straws.

Don't get me wrong, those thigns are all nice to have, but in the end what sells a console are the games, so along with reducing the manufacturing costs, that's where Sony should focus.


You might be underestimating the importance of BC, at least for some consumers.  I have a PS2, and now I have a Wii.  My buying habbits appear to be typical as to how last generation and this generation are going.  I will not get a PS3 without BC unless it's under $149 new.  I'll pay upto $299 with BC.

So, BC in a PS3 is worth about 50% of the price to me.  A PS3 without BC is worth far less than my Wii.

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ha no that would not work either way and don't throw in economics class. I have and many others i'm sure have economics way higher than 101.

Also lets say your dream comes true and htey do all of that, heck lets even say the price is $100. The PS3 still could not pass the Wii next year. And you want to know why, 1 simple thing

They could not produce enough consoles in 1 year to catch up to the Wii. It's not possible.

I laughed my ass off now i have to go chase it. thanks man.

And the award for dumbest thread of 2008 goes to...

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EvilChronos said:

OK I didnt think I would have to explain this cause I thought it would be obvious but I guess not...

Sony prooved with the ps2 that u can take SIGNIFICANT hits in price in the first half of the life of a system knowing that on the back half u will earn quite a bit not only off the system "cause the tech gets cheaper over time therefore cheaper to build year after year" but with a huge increase on accessories "wich have the highest % of profit from store bought merch" not to mention the fact that games will increase in sells and somewhat unique obviously to this gen is the dl's straight from the source "wich are quite profitable too" AND having your name in the house more will cause a person to buy your other products if u show them how nice 1 can be.

So to get back on point the FACT is that there are ten's of millions of people worldwide "especially Asia" who own a ps2 who have not bought a ps3 or any next gen for that fact cause there system is still being published for. Now if you stop support of the ps2 "like MS did for xbox" it will force people to go out and buy another system. Now when they get to the store they see that sony is now in the same ball park for the price comparison with Wii and 360 and it also comes with the cable u need to make it look good on your new high def tv and a good game. Then u read on the box that all your old ps2 and ps1 games will work on this new system and u can also watch high def movies and get on the internet and etc... and GEE look at them fly out of the store, imagine that. This is honestly simple. Not only has sony prooven my point with the ps2 but microsoft proved it with the xbox/360. This truly is not a hard thing to grasp.

BTW just incase u are one of the shit talkers earlier I have taken Micro Eco, Stat Eco, World Eco, Eco 101, 201, 303. I love the subject and I do know a little bit about what Iam talking about here. Grant-it Iam obviously not as qualified as the sony eco's however how good have they been doing so far? hmmmmm

This not just a pretty scenario that could work. This is the real world at a bad time! A company don't want to bleed more money then they already do right now. It ain't just about maybe succeeding in the console business (console war), this is about keeping the whole company stable and alive. Giant companies crumble around us. Hostile takeovers and other "bad" stuff is happening. Better a Sony laying low, putting money on games that probably (maybe?) will make profit in return plus add new PS3 gamers to the fold, then destroying the revenue of PS2 consoles and the revenue of games like Guitar Hero series and many other being bought by new PS2 owners as well as older.

New PS2 buyers keeps the PS2 installbase from dying (older owners moving there money to current gen games), that making publishers happy so they can port low risk games to PS2, that in turn makes both Sony and the publishers money to spend on current gen projects and keeping their company alive.

Making full BC to PS2 games would be good for us and maybe possible, but I don't really know and I don't blame Sony if they don't.

Lowering the price of PS3 will only make MS lowering the price of Xbox 360 just to have a more "affordable product" and it would work for Microsoft. Wii... All gamers who buy a Wii has one reason in common, Wii ain't like the other consoles and Wii will just go on selling, whatever happens.


If Sony really had the money and faith, maybe Final Fantasy and other games would have stay at PS3 as that would have made many many more people buy a PS3. Sometimes, it's better to lose and lose good, both in fighting and on economical terms, compared to many other alternatives.

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So if I get this right, the steps to saving Sony are:

1) Add a feature that may not even be technically possible on some models.

2) Take a greater loss on a product that is already losing money.

3) Kill your only really profitable product.

Sounds like a great plan.

EvilChronos said:

This is the easiest way for sony to win. 3 simple things that could win it all for them. They know it, we know it, microsoft and nintendo know it but for some reason it STILL has not happened. Heres hoping for next year...

1. Complete software driven backwards compatibility for all ps2 and ps1 games. "that means downloading patches and updates that let u play ps2 and ps1 games for those who dont know".

2. A ps3 80 gig model bundled together in 1 box with Little big planet, dual shock controller, hdmi cable. All for the reasonable price of 299.99.

3. Stop production of the ps2. "the ps3's biggest competitor/enemy is its own brother"

These ideas would be godawful expensive.  Why do you think Sony discontinued backward compatibility with the PS2 for the lower end PS3?  For one reason: money.  It isn't that software backward compatibility was costing them even $6 per console, it was that it was costing them PS2 sales and high end PS3 sales.

The PS2 was a massively profitable product and still is.  The PS3 is a massive failure.  It would literally make more short-term business sense to discontinue the PS3 and keep the PS2.  However, discontinuing the PS3 would be the death knell for Sony games producing their own console ever again.

It's perception. Not LBP - Not Solid Snake - Not GT or even God of War.

Folks see value in the Wii. They buy a few games for it, but they aren't buying the Wii because it has an HD drive, or because the games are eye candy. They are buying the Wii - and recently the 360 - because they can have a blast on the cheap.

For the sake of argument - if it's the games - then what game is pushing Wii sales? What game is a system seller? Nintendo went into the archives, brought back their tired NES glove and made a killing. But this time around, it's hip and fun - and combines video games with family entertainment. Family - and MS is hip to that. They are trying to make more games that are more intense than Wii games but aren't hard core for the PS crowd. They also have the luxury of being around when folks can't find a Wii. Then, folks are like 'This is only $199?!' MS is not - I mean NOT pushing the $199 price point. They know folks will buy it, but aren't really saying 'Why spend $249 when you can spend $199 for an HD console?'

get over it. its dead

hello how are you.

WOW, there are a lot of pissed off gamers on this site. I love the hatred that people can have for someone elses opinion/suggestion.

The people on this site need to take a step back from gaming and figure out y they are so pissed off and then get a life, its pathetic....

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