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Forums - Sony Discussion - R* goes sony exclusive

According to the cheatcc podcast R* will be going PS3/PSP exclusive. All upcoming titles other than those in production will be on the PS3 only. If this is true it could be a huge coup for Sony as it measn that all the GTA IV spin offs will be PS3 exclusive.

I find this a bit hard to believe but the guys in the podcast seem to think it will happen.

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Definitely need three reputable sources of information on this: it sounds illogical and isn't coming from a very solid source. If it's true, however, it would be huge.">">

wow, sony must have a huge price cut planned if this is true

i don't think its true cause rockstar have lost shitloads of money so they would want it to be multiplatform as much as possible to get more peole buying their games.

Unless sony intends to pay off their debts pus huge bonus i cannot see this happening.

Good for Sony, but right now it would be a really stupid move from Rockstar.

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i think there might be some truth to it.. Rockstar and sony had a GTA exclusitivity deal going on.. but sony let them get out of it.. so they probably made a deal for other franchises.. L.A. Noire. Rockstars new ip are examples... it would be a dumb deal for rockstar unless sony is paying them a nice thick wad



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Did Sony buy them?

Ummm, last I checked MS gave R* rediculous amounts of cash, not Sony, this just seems like bad business in the making...

I hope this isn't true.

sony buying them would be logical, but im sure MS would offer more. Rockstar have been showing alot of interest in the Wii, mainly due to the market size, seems unliekly they would pull out of developing for approx 3/4 of the market by ignoring the wii and 360, maybe in 2 years time if the PS3 did some major catching up