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Forums - Sony Discussion - R* goes sony exclusive

That would mean Sony spent A LOT of money. Can't see this happening unless Sony convinces stock holders that 'loss' is the new 'profit'.

Considering R* just announced ports for Wii & 360 it seems even less plausible.

Hus said:

Grow up and stop trolling.

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Maybe secretly R* was owned by Sony and Microsoft just gave 50mill to Sony!!

Ok, I'm done posting obviously incorrect and shamefully fanboyish posts today.

It seems the mods need help with this forum.  I have zero tolerance for trolling, platform criticism (Rule 4), and poster bad-mouthing (Rule 3.4) and you will be reported.

Review before posting:

If Sony gets R* then MS gets Square-Enix.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

mrstickball said:
If Sony gets R* then MS gets Square-Enix.

 now that wont happen past w/e that one multiplatform game called unless they release another MMO. 

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Apparently the comment is around the 50 minute mark, checking it out now myself will try to post aproximate dialogue when I can. 

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Maybe if SE stopped being retarded and started realizing that 360 owners want their RPG's too...

mrstickball said:
If Sony gets R* then MS gets Square-Enix.

I am certain that Sony would be more interested in Square Enix then they would be in R*.

I really can't see this being true, I am sure R* have 1 Sony Exclusive coming up but that will be about it. As for SE and MS... LOL.


Maybe if SE stopped being retarded and started realizing that 360 owners want their RPG's too.

I can assure you that the 360 will not be getting a top class SE RPG exclusive until it's Japanese user base grows. Until that happens, their best Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games will never appear on a Microsoft system. We will see how Last Remnant sells and then I am sure SE will consider it, until then, forget it because it is not happening. The 360 may also get Star Ocean but even that is doubtful majority of that series sales are from Japan, rendering putting the game on the 360 pointless.

1/ I dont think R* is ging to be sony exclusive but I think their 2 next big title will hit exclusively the PS3

2/ Microsoft has already tried to buy SE when it comes in the hardware world with the original Xbox. SE has saied "NO" to their x billions offer (same for Namco).

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Its a very very passing comment and they say in the podcast it was an announcement from rockstar.

Looking back at recent rockstar stories there was an announcement of a single new IP that would be coming exclusively to the PS3 but thats it. In the podcast one of the guys speculates by saying something to the effect of "So it sounds like it must be all new games not in development yet since we already know GTA IV is going to both..".

Right now I am thinking someone read the announcement wrong, and then they added a twist to it while trying to make sense of it.

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Unless some actual confirmation emerges, I believe this is an overreaction to/wishful interpretation of Rockstar's recent announcement of a yet-to-be-named exclusive franchise for the PS3. Seeing as the new IP is far enough off in the distance that no details are being mentioned at all yet, the idea that Rockstar is going exclusively PS3 would imply they're not releasing anything for quite a while. And if anything we've seen increased commitment to the competing platforms in the past few months (ports to Wii, expanded GTA4 on 360) from Rockstar.