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    Carnival Games Reviews.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 August 2007

    I actually picked Carnival Games up myself yesterday; the shop only received one copy, so sales expectations are apparently not high.I loaded it up to play it for "a few minutes" before dinner and ended up spending a good hour on it. It's a pretty polished little collection of minigames -- nice features like voiceovers and a choice of 1-4 multiplayer with separate controllers or a single shared...

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    Yesterday, for the first time since November 19 2006, I saw....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2007

    Something does appear to be going on at Target -- I saw three in the case the Saturday before last. Maybe they've broken out of the "put 'em out on Sunday and they're gone" cycle, or maybe supply is finally catching up with the slower summer demand. It's also possible Nintendo has shipped out more consoles in anticipation of Metroid Prime 3 attracting more hardcore gamers to the system....

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    Bioshock widescreen issue

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 August 2007

    Scratch my earlier idea -- the 360 assumes that if you're in 1080i you're also in widescreen, there's no way to set it for 1080i in 4:3. My TV only supports 480i, 480p and 1080i. Sounds like it's not an issue anyway -- I've never felt like "open matte" was an advantage over 1.85:1, and it sounds like that's exactly what this "issue" is. Trying to finish Paper Mario so I can dive into Bioshock...

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    Bioshock widescreen issue

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 August 2007

    Hmmmm.... I just bought a 360 yesterday, Bioshock being the game that pushed me off the fence. Haven't booted it up to play yet. My HDTV is an older 4:3 model with a 16:9 "squash mode" -- maybe I ought to run it in 1080i 4:3 and compare....

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    Ubisoft Dev: PS3 Can't Handle AI as well as the 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2007

    Whether it's a matter of developer competence or not, the story appears to be that the 360 and PC are closer to each other in terms of executing standard procedural code, which has benefits in this cross-platform HD gaming market. The PS3 architecture has its advantages, but running conventional/existing game designs may not be one of them. It doesn't mean that an ambitious and dedicated...

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    Madden 08 reviews

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2007

    I'm disappointed that the friend-code-less Wii online play is apparently a bit glitchy and laggy - I'd like to think it's first-week overload, but presumably not many people were playing the game when IGN was working on the review. Mario Strikers Charged plays really smoothly online now that things have calmed down a bit (and now that I've replaced my high-latency satellite internet connection...

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    New Metroid Prime 3 Wii Videos

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 August 2007

    Reactions...Aurora video -- edit seems a bit sloppy/abrupt at the end, which makes me think this is an actual "info acquire" bit from the game. If so, I like it - the voiceover and video makes the game seem a little more modern and immersive than has been the case with Metroid Prime to date.Spider Ball video -- classically cool! The ability to charge and leap from one side of a spider track to...

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    Possible God of War 3 announcement AND Kingdom Hearts game for PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 11 August 2007

    I disagree with the idea that most Wii owners didn't own a PS2. Everyone I know who has or intends to buy a Wii has a PS2. It's as mainstream as any console has ever been!...

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    "Metroid Channel" thoughts...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2007

    I really like what they did with the Metroid Prime 3 Preview channel as-is. It's a separate little applet that has a Metroid-esque look and feel -- having the videos on a generic Wii Preview page wouldn't be nearly as buzzworthy. Even though it's just a simple title screen, menu, and a revealable image, it still takes the viewer from the Wii look-and-feel into the Metroid universe briefly.And I...

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    ***Major Wii OS Update***

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 August 2007

    Haven't seen this little tidbit mentioned anywhere online yet -- I was checking my WiFi router's DHCP Client registry this evening, and discovered that the Wii now announces itself as such when it obtains an IP address. It used to show up as a blank entry on the list, but now it says "Wii"!A minor fix, to be sure, but solves a little head-scratching I ran into when I first set it up (had to look...

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    OMG !!!! Boogie is going to "bomb" !!

    in Sales Discussion on 05 August 2007

    No big promotional effect showing up at Amazon as of Sunday evening -- #78 for sales overall, #20 for the Wii.I think I'm picking it up, though. I'm not sure about the dance game part, I'm afraid the mechanics will be a little TOO accessible and not really reward a proper sense of rhythm. But of the 38 music tracks, I see a sufficient number I'm willing to make a singing fool of myself with...

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    Heavenly Sword is pretty damn short!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 August 2007

    gitanil said:12-15 hours for an action-beat-em-up is more than enough. Both Gears and RE4 were shorter than that. Games like these are usually in the range of 10-12 hours. Ouch -- I'm about 17 hours into RE4 right now and just coming up to the end of Act 4.  I'll admit to being a little bit methodical and careful with these kinds of games, and doing a fair amount of backtracking...

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    R* goes sony exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 05 August 2007

    Unless some actual confirmation emerges, I believe this is an overreaction to/wishful interpretation of Rockstar's recent announcement of a yet-to-be-named exclusive franchise for the PS3. Seeing as the new IP is far enough off in the distance that no details are being mentioned at all yet, the idea that Rockstar is going exclusively PS3 would imply they're not releasing anything for quite a...

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    Wii madden looks better than ps3/360 madden?!?!?!?!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 August 2007

    I think the similarities are more due to EA not wanting to develop the SKUs separately for each platform, so if anything the 360/PS3 versions are probably held back a bit for the sake of multiplatform release. Future releases may show more of a difference on the graphics end, whereas this year effort has gone into adding play features and a general art design upgrade.That said, Madden is a...

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    August Purchase Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2007

    @diegomoroco777: I'm not saying Madden isn't well-received and popular, and I think the new Wii "family mode" is a fantastic idea. But football has never been my favorite sport!...

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    Tea vs. Coffee

    in General Discussion on 04 August 2007

    Tea for me, preferably something subtly flavored with mint or citrus. The smell of coffee reminds me too much of overly long unwanted visits with relatives. ;)...

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    August Purchase Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2007

    So far: Picked up Mario Strikers Charged, wife and I are playing quite a bit as a team in the versus-AI cup race, and hoping to take on some other teams online as soon as I can get our high-speed internet switched over to cable from satellite.Tentatives: Might pick up Boogie if reviews are positive, rhythm/music games are usually successful at our house. Space Station Tycoon is another...

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    Wii not competing!

    in Sales Discussion on 03 August 2007

    I think Nintendo came up with one big great idea this generation, an innovation borne of, perhaps, desperation, and the fact that they don't have the deep pockets of MS and Sony and needed to encourage 3rd party support beyond that given the GameCube:Keep it simple and cheap.Nintendo opted to do something new that doesn't cost R&D or consumers a lot of money, and keeps development costs down for...

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    Mario Strikers Charged US Sales Expectations

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2007

    Just as an interesting aside, for possible future projection use, it appears that the number of unique ranked players for the North America region is at about 25,000 as of this evening (Thursday), up from 17,000 24 hours ago. I wonder what percentage of copies sold have equated to players online. Is this game selling mainly to people who crave an online Wii game? Or will the percentage map...

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    Mario Strikers online?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2007

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the few hours my wife and I have put into it so far.Unfortunately, it seems I've finally hit the limits of my broadband satellite connection - LATENCY has reared its ugly head, leading to major slowdown as packets bounce into space and back for every bit of traffic back and forth. I felt bad for the poor guy who agreed to a match with my one-star connection.I've never...

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