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Chris Hu said:
It would be better if the PS3 gets its own Tales of game so far this gen the Wii got two and the DS and 360 got one.


DS has three. Tales of Tempest, Hearts and Innocence.

Tempest doesn't really count as a main series. Just like Symphonia 2, and the Tales of World series.


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masterb8tr said:
it will flop hard, and i hope it will.

Is there any point to a post like this?

You're basically saying that you hope people with PS3's don't get to enjoy the game and that the company loses money on it.

You're wishing for bad fortune on gamers and game-makers alike.  I don't understand people like you at all.


Well I see there are a few PS3 fans that want this game or it could be like how many of them said they wanted ES and didn't buy it.

Love the product, not the company. They love your money, not you.


Hmmm good be a good thing for sony. then japanese people will know that almost every good jrpg comes to the x360 and ps3 white knight chronicles NOT

It will come to PS3, but 2 months is just too short. 3 months minimum for official confirmation and at least 6 months for a port.

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selnor said:
Barozi said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Come on its OBVIOUSLY fake

it starts of with the PS LOGO in widescreen mode (i think) then suddenly switched to 4:3 like a cheap user made video....

thats just speculation though


They would never announce a PS3 version, before the EU release of the 360 version




They announced Eternal Sonata for ps3 the week it was released in North America.


Well that is definitely a bad attempt right there to make it seem real but it wouldn't be surprising if ToV did eventually hit the PS3. Can't necessarily call ToV on 360 any kind of a success haha. I mean under the assumption MS paid Namco off for it then of course profits were never the issue, but game did not sell well and for obvious reasons. So eventually I'd expect Namco to port it over to the PS3.

It will come to PS3. But White Knight is what i need.

It will come to the PS3 of course but that trailer won't have anything to do with it!

true or not it was a cool trailer