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    So where is your PSN?

    < obieslut posted something on Burgles's wall:

    ha banned

    < blazinhead89 posted something on Burgles's wall:

    So you Complain about PS3 Owners showing Insecurities, but you Post PS3 FUD all the time? Pot, Kettle, Black, comes to Mind /owned

    < |_emmiwinks posted something on Burgles's wall:

    Burgles, I have to say that looking at your post history you are doing exactly what you lambast PS3 owners of doing, slamming the competition for no reason. You say that you think most PS3 owners are sad losers who have no friends and only have a PS3 because mommy bought, so they spend all their time making fun of the 360, then I look at your history and see you going from thread to thread making fun of the PS3. Hypocrite much? Lifes short and high blood pressure is a bitch, calm down and play some games.

    < iron_megalith posted something on Burgles's wall:

    Banned again... What a loser.....

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    Write 10

    Burgles is BACK....He was right about LBP!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 December 2008

    Pristine20 said: Burgles said: Remember my sig saying that LBP was just another let down like Haze... Of course I was talking about sales relative to marketing relative to hype... Look who's laughing now fuckwits! I've just been banned for 6 fucking weeks, for doing nothing at all...   Thanx a bunch onyxmeth. You really are an amateur and should learn to punish according...

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    Burgles is BACK....He was right about LBP!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 December 2008

    I was pissed off because I didn't do anything warranting a 6 week ban...."epic trolling"...I didn't troll anywhere, I discussed relevent issues that pertained to the umbrella subject matter.People need to learn what "trolling" actually means (Onyxmeth)...Someone saying something that you don't like isn't trolling.I've always been polite, direct and to the point, as in not directly insulting...

    Write 10

    Burgles is BACK....He was right about LBP!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 December 2008

    Chill I was just kidding...I have edited my op, I just needed to release some stress for my 6 weeks in solitary confinement....


    Occupation: Disabled

    Education: College

    University: Got chucked out a windscreen so didnt make it ;)

    Height: 5'11

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Sagittarious

    Favourite Music: Hard dance, Techno, Hard style, Electro....some of old offspring stuff, jimmy eat world, some modern jazz.

    Favourite Films: Scarface, Shawshank Redemption, Bourne Identity

    Favourite Books: Chocolat, Papillon

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