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    Forza Horizon 3 Tops 9 Million Players

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 July 2018

    darkenergy said: 1 month old news :-p but anyway I can see Horizon 4 hitting that in 1 year. That's a bold claim, but Horizon has done better with each iteration....

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    May 2018 Games with Gold

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 April 2018

    I'm more interested in the 360 games than the XO games....

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    Xbox E3 2018 Supposedly Leaked *Fake

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 April 2018

    I miss the old days when E3 was full of surprises. Now people rush to leak every detail as if it's a badge of honor. The majority of this stuff sounds believable but it's also safe enough for someone to guess....

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    Sea of Thieves Future Content Announced.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 April 2018

    yo_john117 said: I wanted this game to be great but all I can think of is it is another Destiny/No Mans Sky disappointment...and this list of updates is doing little to change my mind on that. I take it you're referring to Destiny 2 and not the original....

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    Retro Rare's - Fast and the Furriest

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 April 2018

    I think this would be great but I wonder if it would sell well at all....

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    No Mans Sky coming to Xbone July 24th, full MP at launch

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 April 2018

    So is No Man's Sky similar to Elite Dangerous?...

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    Xbox 360, my saviour in the current gen

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 March 2018

    Thanks to BC on XO I'm still going through my 360 backlog all while playing newer games on the same console....

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    DKC2 Lockjaw Locker UE4

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 March 2018

    I actually feel a lot of older gems were so great due to technical limitations. It caused devs to get a bit more creative....

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    State of Decay 2: 25 Minutes of 4-Player Co-op Multiplayer

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 March 2018

    This was already day one for me so nothings changed....

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    Polygon: Microsoft's Current Dilemma With Games

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 January 2018

    Machina said: Please anyone but Valve. Literally anyone. What about Rockstar?...

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    All New Microsoft Studio Releases Will be On Xbox Game Pass

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 January 2018

    LudicrousSpeed said: Machiavellian said: This is the problem I have come in contact with.  If I am logged into the Xbox X using my primary account and my Son wants to play a Minecraft which was purchased with my Account on the Xbox One.  In order for him to play Minecraft, my account needs to be logged into his machine.  That's a problem since it will log me out on...

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    Polygon: Microsoft's Current Dilemma With Games

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 January 2018

    I would love for them to buy out Valve just to see the insanity that would follow....

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    So I've been replaying the Halo franchise.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 January 2018

    If Halo 6 can take the single player of Halo 4 and the multi player of Halo 5 it should be great....

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    500,000 People have Played PUBG on Xbox One

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 December 2017

    Imaginedvl said: meh... I guess I'll have to try it. My boys want me to buy the game and play with them already. Maybe for Christmas... maybe.... Same here. I'm thinking I should pick it up while it's still in early access so it's cheaper....

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    PSA: Turn off dvr/broadcasting in xbox settings for PUBG.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 December 2017

    I'll keep this in mind if I get the game....

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    Sea Of thieves Controller Theme

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 December 2017

    Johnw1104 said: Definitely like the cardinal points around the d-pad. My favorite part. I need to see a full custom Xbox One like this....

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    Launch XBox Ones dieing??

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 December 2017

    CartBlanche said: I've just heard from the guy with the turned off and not coming back problem and it looks like the power brick, bricked. He's getting a new power brick. Apologies for the false alarm. Nothing to see here... What happens if the power supply in the new X1X or PS4 dies? Can they just replace the internal power-supply? Probably not as big of an issue with internal...

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    Launch XBox Ones dieing??

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 November 2017

    CartBlanche said: A couple of friends have had their launch Xbox Ones die/brick on them in the last week. Anyone else working in a retail shop or otherwise had something similar happen?? Do you have any details on how it occurred?...

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    "Free" Xbox 360 at Gamestop.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 November 2017

    LivingMetal said: No wonder the Xbox One backwards compatibility didn't help it move units. No one cares about 360 games judging from the lack of response here. I still have my 360 and an Xbox One so this doesn't interest me in the slightest....

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    All the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games [Updated for June 29, 2017]

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 November 2017

    konnichiwa said: Goddbless said: Are they really not going to add Eternal Sonata? I've been waiting for a while hoping they would add it. I'm starting to give up hope... Namco Bandai has to decide on it. Hard to blame MS considering they even take time to make games bc that barely sold 10K Maybe this means they're thinking of doing a remaster for the new consoles and...

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