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and is the 360 selling well for it's price and is the ps3 selling well for it's price

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If you saw that Killzone 2 trailer earlier today you know the awnser to this. GG say's each level is running 2GB of data at the least, and this is with compression. That is not to say it could not be done on DVD if the PS3 used that format. The game could easly be made with about 7 DVD's, but that is not really acceptable. Other PS3 titles are also showing just how important Blu-ray is for th high def gaming experiance.

Heavy Rain is another game that is going to use a massive amount of data. Not only are they using texture levels towards the Killzone 2 level, but they are also using multiple branching points. That means a lot of different locations, and a vast game filled with very hi-res textures, and audio. Little Big Planet shows the muscle of Blu-ray with tons of tutorial videos, and thousands of textures at your disposial. This game would be on 2 DVD's at the least, and the create mode would have to be downsized. Resistance 2 also does a great job of showing just how big a game can be thanks to Blu-ray. It is basically a AAA single player FPS, an online FPS with more depth than a UT game, and an MMOFPS.

This year was just the start of why Blu-ray was a must in the PS3. Gamers will love the idea of Blu-ray in the PS3 10 years from now. It was a little ahead of its time at the beginning, and people are scaared of change. But with games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, and Heavy Rain showing what a differance Blu-ray makes, I can garentee that everyone will come to love the format for gaming.

As far as sales go, I wish the 360 was doing better. PS3 is just amazing selling the way it is with the limited amount of HQ games and the hig price tag. Both systems really need to do good, and bring HD gaming to the forefront. Hopefully the NXE and Home can generate some interest in these things for next year. If not a PS3 price cut to $299, and the best line-up any console has ever seen in a single year should be able to get things moving in the right direction.

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no there are far more ways to deal with it from hd catching, to removable cards.... for blueray to be of real use outsdie of just a transit medium, it must have faster read times dvd is slow enough.... its time to move back to soildstate, or to hds

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The future for gaming is downloads, not disc media.

no, yes, yes

Future??? Dude, I've been using Blu-Ray for gaming for last couple of years now, it's definitely not "FUTURE" anymore. ;)

It's like people still saying "next-gen"... GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

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yes ,, I hope every console has it as a standard drive

I'll be genuinely surprised if all the consoles next gen that are using a disc-based format use something else than Blu-Ray.

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