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People have varying opinions on games, so let's hear them out! Me and a friend of mine have done this, take every Final fantasy from the Main series (No tactics, no CC, no Mystic Quest, no dirge) take out ones you havn't played, and make a list from favourite to non!

1. FF6  - With no main charecter to focus on, everyone's story got flushed out, great villain, Ted Woosley's translation(SNES) > Official translation (GBA)
2. FFX - Showed how good RPG's can look, how good voice acting can effect a game, and how a woman can wear a dress composed entirely out of belts.
3. FF4 - Gets ranked higher than it should being my first Final Fantasy game, but I still, to this day say "grrbah" In honour of Milon falling off the cliff. Also, one born of a dragon, embracing both the light, and the dark....
4. FF5 - First one to feature moogles, first one to feature a charecter dying, Transvestites, a man named Butz, and enormous (semi)secret bosses that are much tougher than all others, which didn't re-appear again till 7.
5. FF7 - Made RPG's in North America. Would be ranked higher, but Cloud and Sephiroth storyline with him going crazy was, without a doubt, the most retarded portion in that game. Also, new system had graphics flaws and lower qualtiy music than SNES versions, or so it seemed.
6. FF9 - Showed that you too can be a knight who does not think, a villain with hips any woman would kill for and be a man, and that you may wish there was no more Fantasies when it was over. Oh, and ugly people with beautiful children, which one is good or evil?
7. FFIII(DS) - Oldy... but, oldy? Was creative in allowing job types, modified combat from the other two versions but that combat style of multiple hits on attack wouldn't really appear again until...
8. FFXII - The game with 1 good charecter, 0 story, because it involves politics, it must be deep and intriguing, right? Story backgrounds that get discarded or make no sense, normal challenge self inflicted if you intentionally make your charecters insanely weak, random treasure chests, forgettable music, but man. Looked beautiful didn't it?

Never played 8, 1,2,11.
Have at yee! List away your own.

See Ya George.

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At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

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Only played:

FFXII: Heard it did away with random battles and turn-based fights(sort of). Decided to get it. Loved the political storyline. I do not have any other FF game to compare it to, but I really enjoyed this one.

The only RPG series I enjoy (other than Pokemon) is Kingdom Hearts.

Final Fantasy VI- Ok. Gameplay was boring for the first part of the game, but got more interesting when you got espers/aeons/summons/GFs/whatever the **** Square decided to call them in this game. Too story driven.

Final Fantasy X- Horrible. Probably the worst game I've ever played. Too easy and linear. Sphere Grid didn't add anything to developing characters. Bad voice acting. Music and Level Design were bland for most of the game (though, some of the areas I thought were actually very good). Too story driven.

Final Fantasy XII- Great. Gambit system sped up battles and meant you didn't have to mash X all the time. I hope the system is expanded in future games to allow for more strategy to be used. I liked the License Board because it allowed you to develop your characters however you wanted to. Music was ok. I liked how it didn't focus on story too much (though some of the cut scenes were to long, in my opinion).

Those are the only FFs I've played. I don't think I'll play the XIIIs or go back and play the old FFs.

I wasn't much into final fantasy at first, but so many of my college buddies were nutting over FF7 and Sephiroth that I decided I would eventually take the plunge. The first FF game I played was FF8, and I was impressed. When FF9 came out and it went back to old school graphics, eh, I was kind of put off. I preferred the newer look that started with FF8. FFX returned to that more realistic style, but the sphere grid was so massive and daunting that I didn't find myself immersed in leveling up characters as I did in FF8. FFX-2 put me off the series, so I haven't bothered with it since. I haven't played or seen much of FFXII. I'm sure it's gorgeous, but I've heard about the gambit system and it's departure from turn-based play, which I enjoyed.

After getting a DS, I picked up FFIII and loved it. Very much looking forward to FFIV DS, and also FFXIII cause it is a return to turn-based action.

I still say FF8 is my favorite. But, if they remade FFVII, I have no doubt it would be champion.

Here's ma list

Well there was ma list nice games huh?


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Thank you Leo, your contribution was invaluable.

I guess I played X-2. I forgot about that, I wonder if it was intentional.

See Ya George.

"He did not die - He passed Away"

At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

i see this thread become nothing but nintendo fanboys whining about FF.

FF1: An RPG with incredible replay value! There are just too many different ways to succeed in this game, driven by the party creation at the beginning of the game, and various strategies such as whether or not to class change before going into the volcano. I've gotten tremendous mileage out of this game.

FF4: Most polished Final Fantasy, IMO. Never boring, never slow-paced, never too easy or too difficult, and always entertaining. Fantastic storyline with suspense, political intrigue, betrayal of a friend, love, and yes, the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

FF5: Wonderful job system with lots of synergistic possibilities. "Galuf has died." = most awesome moment in Final Fantasy. NOT the first FF to feature the death of a character, btw -- Tellah dies in almost exactly the same way, sacrificing himself to kill the main villain, because of his granddaughter. Gameplay is here in spades, and the storyline is more character-focused than FF4. Awesome music, even better than FF4's.

FF6: More awesome music! Story is a bit broken with so many characters to follow. Gameplay is neat, but not ultimately interesting, since everyone can do everything. Great first half of the game, rather boring second half. Very cool final dungeon.

FF8: This game's awful, horrid gameplay completely ruined its compelling story. There were truly gripping scenes in this game, but far too much time spent between them drawing magics, waiting for load times, waiting for GFs to finish their summon animation, waiting for this, waiting for that. Ugh. Lack of equipment and the auto-leveling system contributed to this game's utter failure at being fun to play.


Those are all the FF's I've played more than 2 hours of. FF4 and FF5 are tied for the best, then FF6, FF1, and last and certainly least, FF8.

Celb said:
i see this thread become nothing but nintendo fanboys whining about FF.

So far, the only two people to not contribute anything to this thread are 2 PS3 afficionados...

I think that pretty much sums it up. 

In before Rol stops by and says, "Well said, DonWii."