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FFVIII- Probally my favorite FF, it sure was my first. I never got to finish the game though so im hoping for a remake.

FFX- Awesome! I loved it mainly because of the story. I mean who plays FF for the gameplay anyways?

FFXII- Probally the worst one I have played right in front of FFX-2. I loved the gameplay but the story sucked so much I just never finished it.

The main reason I play FF games is because of the story and since FFXII had no great story it just wasnt appealing to me. I cant wait for Versus because its suppost to have a grwat story and KH gameplay which is gunna rock.


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FFVI - My personal favorite, great story, great villains, great style, great music and great characters (specially Shadow)... one of my favorite games of all time.

FFVII - After playing FFVI, I thought this one was a step... back. Music just sux, why MIDI? Also, characters are way too plain and clichéd... wtf with Mr. T? And the just plain crazy for almost no-reason called Sephiroth? Just a plain game for me.

I would like to play VIII and IX tho, they seem really cool, specially VIII.

I'm going to include both Tactics games, Crystal Chronicles and Mystic Quest.

2. FFX / FFX-2 (I count these as one game)
6. FFV
7. FF
9. FF:Tactics
11. FF:Tactics Advance
13. FFII
14. FF: Crystal Chronicles
15. FFXI
16. FF: Mystic Quest

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4. FFX
5. FFVI (I just didn't like this one as much as some people).
7. FFI

I have yet to play XII (next game on my list actually), but from what I have seen it looks pretty good. Ten would be higher if I didn't hate the characters in the game, because it is actually a really solid game.

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I'll only list ones that I have played recently, I need to go back and play some older ones to judge them again:

1. FFX
3. FF X-2
4. FF XI

I plan on playing FF III, V and VI on the DS and GBA soon and I and II on the PSP some time in the next few months.

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IV, VI, VII, and VIII, in that order. Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite games ever, in any genre.

Haven't played I, II, III (I just got the DS version, though), V, and any of the games above VIII.

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Ones I've beaten recently enough to be able to gauge,


I'm having trouble really deciding between X and VII, so maybe a tie there.


FFVI-- Easily my favorite. While the gameplay wasn't what it could be, it made a good start of things to come gameplay wise. What really made it shine was the fantastic character development (best I've ever seen in a game), good story, incredibly music, and the best villain ever.

FFIV-- Really not a great game by todays standards, but I mainly like it for nostalgic reasons.

-- Oh yeah, I went there and put this game on my list. It may be unconventional but it is a great MMO (read: different from WoW). The crafting system was tedious but pretty nice, there is a good amount of early and mid game content and a lot of end game content, the community is great, and I love love love love the job/subjob system. Also, I was one of the few people that seemed to actually like Balista. :-p

FFVII-- I really didn't like this one the first time through, the graphics just disgusted me. If a technology is there but it's just doesn't look that great yet, just don't use it. True, it was good for the time but that doesn't mean it didn't look like ass. Other than that, it had an interesting story was fun. It definitely improved on gameplay where FFVI was lacking.

FFI-- Another game that makes it on my list for nostalgic purposes. It really doesn't hold up to todays standards and it isn't that fun. I like it mainly for the memories (though it was the 2nd FF game I played with IV being the first).

FFIX-- After the abomination that was VIII and the tech direction that VII took, this one was a welcome change. All in all, it was a good game; too bad it completely fell apart in the very end.

FFX-- It was a decent game, the gameplay wasn't great, the sphere grid sucked, and the story was beyond predictable. This game got an overwhelming meh.

FFXII-- The graphics in this game were beautiful. The writing was good. THe story wasn't bad. The gameplay was great. The world felt alive. Even the voice acting was incredibly high quality. Even with all that, I just didn't like the game. I don't know if it was because the story was so political or the license system was just silly (in that every character turned out to be the same-- wya to take the worst part of FFVI) but I just couldn't get myself into this game. I tried several times and each time I eventually just got very bored with the story and couldn't bring myself to progress any farther.

FFIII-- I just didn't care for this much. I played the DS version and it didn't appeal to me. Improving the graphics really didn't do anything to hold the game up to todays standards in a game. The job system was fun and a good start for other games, but it just wasn't that good.

FFVIII-- I actually prefer FFX-2 to this abomination. The story was beyond pathetic, the draw system was just irritating, the characters had absolutely no life at all and were very 2D, and, well, the game is just bad. I know I'll catch some criticism for this, but I expect FFXIII to measure up to this game.

VII -Surprised more people dont have this as number 1!! i played this after VIII though, and maybe i thought this was great because i generally found 8 to be sucky. Best thing about VII is the materia system, you can make the best combo's ever, plus the weapons provided a massive challenge at the end of the game.

IX - Loved the story in this one, was just a generally cool game, was also saddest (Vivi's side story and the black mages dieing). only major flaw with this is that i didnt really like kuja, bit of an emo.

 VI -Just finished this one! liked it, didnt find the story too deep tho, although it has awesome music.

X -Found X a bit annoying, i dont know wether it was the characters or the sphere system or the story or a combination of all 3! granted i loved the game, but its 4th on my list of FF's.

VIII - Least favorite by miles, the junctioning system was just boring, allowed for very little creativity. the world was practically empty (waste of space anyone?), also the whole game just went majorly downhill after the 1st disc, up until then it was ok.


those are the only ones i've played, although i should be borrowing 12 in a week from a friend of mine so i'm looking forward to that.

ff8... Sorry to defend this game, but did ppl play it all the way thru? Did ppl use the junction system to teh max?

I think the Junction system was brilliant and made you think alot. I think that was the problem... ppl liked materia where you can equip and level it up. Where as junction was alot to muck around with. I spend alot of my time in ff (ff7 -ff12) playing/planing the system be it materia, junction or the board style.

FF8 had alot ot offer. ie introduced the card games, GF (summons) leveling up where you could allocate skills for them to learn. And who could remember the time at Fishermans Horizon where you had the mini game where you made the Balamb Band. :D

I love the draw system, and getting the ingredients for remodeling your weapons.

And the story. Was brilliant. it had it all. Drama, backstabbing, conspiracy, flashbacks, time shifting, romance, anger, fun, joy etc. IT was by far the most mature of the ff realm.

I like Squall... because he was in a position he didn't want to be. He didn't want to be the protagonist, he didn't want to save the world, he just wanted to be himself and not be involved with drama. But he is put in this position that challenges him to fight his inner demons and think about other's. H is a very interesting character, who I think can identify with alot of ppl.

I think it comes down to a few things why ppl dislike ff8.

A) Junction system is too hard. Not materia.
B) Storyline. I think maybe the romance side?
C)Squall is not cloud.
D) not ff7

So, I really wonder if ppl played the game. I guess not everyone, Got...the game. But to me, it is my all time favorite (I played it 3 times), and it has some much to offer. I know there are alot of ppl that feel the same. I personally would give the game a 9. because it was great for it's time and gfx where awesome. There were some slow bits, but it's an rpg so it's just the norm. IF you do play ff8 give it a chance with an open mind. Plz play with the junction system... It becomes addictive once you understand it as it develops thru the game.


My FF top 10

1. FF8: I have my reasons

2. FF7: Cause Cloud Dates Barret at the Gold Saucer and Dresses in Drag :P

3.FF10: Tidus Is teh bestest @ Blizt

4.FF6: Kefka *hehe*

5.FF12: Love No Random Battles

6.FF3: Job System and Shrinking as a Midget :P

7.FF11: Online FF rox

8.FF9: Was a good game, back to basics.. Vivi was cool :D

9.FF4: I thought Cecil was a great character. Great story as well.

10.FF5: Butz and his Chocobo buddy save the day :D


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