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Shrug, feel free to put them in, some people have happily ignored my requests, besides, they were selfish, out of lack of experience. If we allowed them, I would only be able to add X-2 and Mystic Quest in, I'm not a SRPG player. Nor did I play chronicles.

See Ya George.

"He did not die - He passed Away"

At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

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FF10 - Beautiful story, world.

FF06 - So epic. I never thought 16-bit could tell stories like that. 

FF12 - Story was BS, characters sucked.  Still took 100 hours of my life with ease. 

FF04 - I almost never finished this cause I started on FF06 >_< 

FF11 - Oh wait I don't think this one counts, but I waited 8 hours in Qufim for a group >_< 

FF07 - I hated the first move to 3D, I hated it like I hated Metriod Prime.

FF08 - Couldn't finish this one either.  I played the card game minigame more than the actual story.

FF09 - Got halfway through but then the horrible art finally got me.




VI - the best story, the best characters, the best enemies, and revolutionary for it's time

IX - tons of tributes to the oldschool FF games, I just loved everythign about this game.

IV - second best story, second best characters, still awesome.

X - pretty good, I liked the graphics, but Tidus was such a baby it pissed me off

III - great for old school goodness

I - great for it's time, kinda dismal now.

XII - In retrospect I didn't HATE it, I just got bored of it. My Gambits won the entire game for me. It was nice to get rid of random world battles and the voice acting was by far the best in an FF game. Vaan was a pussy and next to useless in the plotline (which was overall pretty pathetic) though. *sigh* This game was unfortunately were I realized I don't need to buy any new FF games in the main series anymore, as I have no more interest.

VII - okay, I really don't like VII. I know that a lot of people love it and see it and scream OMG greatest game ever, but I really have never been able to figure out why. Cloud was generic and practically emotionless, Tifa was just there for a pair of boobs, ugh I really dislike the characters in this game. Sorry, I know I'll probably be attacked for this but man I really dislike it's characters.

VIII - the only thing worse than VII (Squall = robot who is in love with a Tifa clone who can't fight).

II - the crapyness of this game speaks for itself.

I played all FFs. TOP5 in order:

1. FF VI
3. FF IV