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I wasn't much into final fantasy at first, but so many of my college buddies were nutting over FF7 and Sephiroth that I decided I would eventually take the plunge. The first FF game I played was FF8, and I was impressed. When FF9 came out and it went back to old school graphics, eh, I was kind of put off. I preferred the newer look that started with FF8. FFX returned to that more realistic style, but the sphere grid was so massive and daunting that I didn't find myself immersed in leveling up characters as I did in FF8. FFX-2 put me off the series, so I haven't bothered with it since. I haven't played or seen much of FFXII. I'm sure it's gorgeous, but I've heard about the gambit system and it's departure from turn-based play, which I enjoyed.

After getting a DS, I picked up FFIII and loved it. Very much looking forward to FFIV DS, and also FFXIII cause it is a return to turn-based action.

I still say FF8 is my favorite. But, if they remade FFVII, I have no doubt it would be champion.