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People have varying opinions on games, so let's hear them out! Me and a friend of mine have done this, take every Final fantasy from the Main series (No tactics, no CC, no Mystic Quest, no dirge) take out ones you havn't played, and make a list from favourite to non!

1. FF6  - With no main charecter to focus on, everyone's story got flushed out, great villain, Ted Woosley's translation(SNES) > Official translation (GBA)
2. FFX - Showed how good RPG's can look, how good voice acting can effect a game, and how a woman can wear a dress composed entirely out of belts.
3. FF4 - Gets ranked higher than it should being my first Final Fantasy game, but I still, to this day say "grrbah" In honour of Milon falling off the cliff. Also, one born of a dragon, embracing both the light, and the dark....
4. FF5 - First one to feature moogles, first one to feature a charecter dying, Transvestites, a man named Butz, and enormous (semi)secret bosses that are much tougher than all others, which didn't re-appear again till 7.
5. FF7 - Made RPG's in North America. Would be ranked higher, but Cloud and Sephiroth storyline with him going crazy was, without a doubt, the most retarded portion in that game. Also, new system had graphics flaws and lower qualtiy music than SNES versions, or so it seemed.
6. FF9 - Showed that you too can be a knight who does not think, a villain with hips any woman would kill for and be a man, and that you may wish there was no more Fantasies when it was over. Oh, and ugly people with beautiful children, which one is good or evil?
7. FFIII(DS) - Oldy... but, oldy? Was creative in allowing job types, modified combat from the other two versions but that combat style of multiple hits on attack wouldn't really appear again until...
8. FFXII - The game with 1 good charecter, 0 story, because it involves politics, it must be deep and intriguing, right? Story backgrounds that get discarded or make no sense, normal challenge self inflicted if you intentionally make your charecters insanely weak, random treasure chests, forgettable music, but man. Looked beautiful didn't it?

Never played 8, 1,2,11.
Have at yee! List away your own.

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