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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony is phasing out the 60 gb to be replaced by the 80gb

Hmm, I was referring to ethnicity not religion. I just think he looks like a Jew - that's all. No hidden offence here. Probably I should ask "Are you a Jew?". This "a" is pretty important in this case I suppose.

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I knew you didn't mean anything by it. Its just generally rude to ask "Are you a". I don't know if its my region of the US, I live in the southern U.S. but it just something that is difficult to ask without being considered rude.

ck the only thing i disagreed with you is the fact that CURRENTLY

sony announced that the price of the 60gb is reduced to 499

the price of the 80gb is 599 -and when released comes with motostorm for a limited time.

now comes the news that the 60gb version is being phased out and only the 80gb is left

taking the CURRENT known information, there is no indication that the 80gig without the game will reduce to 499.

will it? maybe. nothing sony has said so far indicates a price reduction is coming for the 80gig.

should it. Yes.

imo, they should drop the price to 399-449 for just the console.

but that is my opinion.

if they do NOT reduce the price of the 80gig to 499, the sales are going to tank once the 60gig is gone.

well according to kaz the 80 gig will be 599      go to about 1:40 where he talks about it

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I think this seriously undercuts the goodwill Sony earned back this week.

They announce the price drop and sales spike. They repeatedly refer to the new low price in their conference.

At no point do they tell anyone this is less of a price cut than a clearance sale.

At no point do they tell prospective customers that the $500 60 gig, 100% backward compatable model will likely not be around for the holidays, so it would be a good idea to grab one now or they may end up having to get a $600 system with an 88% PS2 emulator.

And if the rumors of a second drop are true...

At no point do they tell people about to pony up for a 60 gig that if they waited a few months, they could get an 80 gig for the same price.

Oh well, now MSs decision to hold prices makes a bit more sense.

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What a bunch of idiots. If they said people didn't want to buy the 20gb (though cheaper) because it was "gimped," why do they think everyone will jump on their firesale? They should have kept the 20GB all along. It's the PRICE of the console that matters to the average gamer, not the "value" Sony's always talking about.

For a minute I forgot how retarded Sony management is and thought they were actually beginning to understand how to catch up.

Possum5454 said:

well according to kaz it the 80 gig will be 599 go to about 1:40 where he talks about it

 Well, that seals it right there. Kaz confirms that the 80GB will still be $600 once the 60GB is sold out.

What the hell is Sony thinking?they know a $599 PS3 sells very poorly,yet they don´t seem to care....sadly,the whole purpose of the PS3 is to introduce this damn BD format,ahead of its time....I say,and it´s my opinion,don´t take it to heart,they deserved their gaming division to completely collapse...I wouldn´t want it to happen,but I can´t help but feel this way,for the fact...yes,fact...they prioritized a format ahead of its time over a gaming system...over "a true PS2" (you know what I mean) seems Sony is happy with all the "BD is beating the crap out of HD-DVD" talk while not really caring about the gaming aspects of the system...sure,getting UT3 and Haze as timed exclusives help,but it seems such a small effort.

The comment are you Jew or a Jew is derrogatory. Asking him if he is Jewish is more polite but still irrelevant. I know maybe we could start a thread with a poll to see if Avalach21 is really Gballzack. Anyone? Anyone?



I'm not sure what to take on this. I still would prefer to wait until Jack Tretton announces something in regards to this new story (Which hasn't been confrimed from what I can tell and have seen so far, Reeves is not the head of SCEA, only SCEE and was responding about a question from a european based site.) before taking it as fact. For all we know it could have been taken out of context if they had asked him about the 60gb version with teh EE, which has been known for quite a while that they have had plans to remove the EE, which would effectively discontinue this particular sku.

If you were to ask me what my guess on what will happen will be this. Sony does confirm that there will only be a limited number of these 60gb PS3's with the EE and once they sell out they will sell out, only to be replaced by the new 60-80gb PS3 without the EE. If they do this, I would then expect Sony to pack in a 2nd controller in the $599 motorstorm bundle and keep the 60-80gb Console only at the $499 price. That way they still keep the value there with the bundle for those who would actually want the Motorstorm game and 2 controllers as that is a good deal still.

But until we hear official word from SCEA, take everything you have heard with a big grain of salt and be patient. In fact, they may not announce anything in regards to this and that the Reeves comment was cleverly placed to create buzz and a sense of importance to go out and buy a PS3 now while they are still at $499. We'll find out shortly what exactly is going on, this news is too big to not comment on or to make a PR about.


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