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    Killzone 2 > MW2

    in Sony Discussion on 29 December 2009

    I thought KZ2 played like slow-moving garbage. It looked good but I didn't really care, it wasn't fun. I only played it for like an hour or two and sold it, haha....

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    Saddest ending in a video game? (Spoilers for all games ever)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 December 2009

    MGS4 made me want to cry, but for completely different reasons.It's too bad barely anyone played Saturn games -- Dark Savior is a really sad, and it's not even explicit. Basically there are 3 main endings depending on what happens at the beginning of the game. Long story short, what I'm pretty sure is really happening the whole game regardless of your "ending" (because the game always starts over...

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    Super Street Fighter IV

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2009

    We don't need 10 million characters, this isn't KoF. At least some 3s characters are returning then. I don't have high hopes on them fixing the fundamental problems w/ the game engine though...

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    I miss just looking at the back of the box to decide which game to buy.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2009

    It's bad that everyone relies on reviews to buy games. Reviews are such checklist affairs that TONS of great, fun games get ignored because it got some 7/10s, so someone buys the stale, safe-bet title instead. I've had more fun with mediocre reviewed games (NiGHTS, Ghost Squad lol, Chromehounds, Sega Superstars tennis) this gen and been disappointed by almost every AAA title (outside of Mass...

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    Ryuu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono TGS 09 Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 23 September 2009

    Why not just headline "Yakuza 4" so people know what they're clicking on? Not that anyone played Yakuza 1 or 2 anyway, but still...

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    Blu-ray Players are overtaking DVD players....basically BD is taking over

    in Sony Discussion on 18 September 2009

    Maybe it's because everybody in the galaxy has 3 DVDs players in their home at this point.WOO PERCENTAGES...

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    Ben Dutka ps3news says Where Did All The PS3 Hate Go?

    in Sony Discussion on 06 May 2009

    I think it's pretty dumb to include games that haven't been released when you're saying its lineup "currently outstrips that of the competition".Also your article completely ignores that basically everything you gush about has a comparable and/or arguably better feature (the PSN games? Really?) on the 360. (Let's just ignore Home, because pretty much everyone is.)Yeah, the system is really...

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    First Red Steel 2 Trailer!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 May 2009

    I had tons of fun w/ Red Steel 1 -- for whatever reason I had no problem handling the game and thought it was more better than dual analog. So with actual DEV time I have decently high hopes for RS2...

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    Will Wii games be on PS3 due to new controller?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2009

    Gimmicky peripherals launching years after the console itself always prove so successful...

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    PS3 to make existing wii owners jealous when it gets MOTION CONTROLS!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2009

    Is the first post supposed to be a satire?...

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    Screen Tearing

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 April 2009

    The dream of powerful consoles meaning 60 FPS + vsync died a long time ago. People just want a high poly count so devs don't really give a shit...

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    IGN: Why DVD's better than Blu-Ray....

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2009

    There is a huge difference btw DVD's war over VHS and what Blu-ray is trying to do. Anyone who thinks they're the same needs a history lesson.DVDs brought extra features, enhanced video/sound (even through RCA jacks), and affordability to home movies, something the average consumer never had before. Blu-ray is basically laserdisc vs. VHS -- expensive and the average person can't even appreciate...

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    Konami Seeks Metal Gear Staff

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2009

    MG is dead anyway, ever since Raiden got run over by a boat then shot lightning out of his butt...

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    Eurogamer Reviews Resident Evil 5 :7/10

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2009

    This is like complaining that RPGs have no action.People want RE5 to play like every generic American action game now, and Capcom going halfway to meet that seems to leave people on both sides unhappy.I wish more games that sell themselves on "OMG REAL LOOK AT ME" made you actually stop and aim to shoot and oh shit heal yourself doing more than standing still....

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    How Sony defeated Sony

    in Sony Discussion on 09 March 2009

    When Sony doesn't need 3 years to milk the "true" power of its system, it'll be in business. Still there's not much they can do when videogames today look pretty damn similar. I don't think Joe SpaceMarineLover cares that KZ2 pushes more polys than Gears or CoD4....

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    Was 1988 the best year of gaming the world has seen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2009

    It was nice in the NES days because so many games were a brand-new experience, oftentimes like the OP said nothing like anything else you'd played previously. Games could take risks and be successful; games could be many "genres" at once (Zelda, Zelda II, Guardian Legend, North vs. South, etc.)Games today are really fucking boring.Also games were better in the old days because reality went out...

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    Blu Ray sales EXPLODE ! in japan ! wuh !Blu-ray adoption is growing quickly

    in Sales Discussion on 09 March 2009

    How many households need to buy a DVD player in 2008/2009? Of course BD is going to increase in that category. This is a non-story post.Software > hardware when it comes to which format is doing well and which isn't....

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    JRPGs...What the hell happened to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2009

    JRPGs are the same as they were 10 years ago -- it's not really a "what happened to them?" kind of them, more like what hasn't....

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    Street Fighter IV Hits 86,000 Sold On Japanese Launch Day

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2009

    It made the long-awaited jump to 3-D in like 1997...

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    Best Ps3 game so far?

    in Sony Discussion on 23 January 2009

    Why the fuck is nobody buying Valkyria Chronicles. I hate J-RPGs and it's really a landmark title....

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