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So that's the real face of Gball... Are you Jew?

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Avalach21 said:
kber81 said:
Avalach21 said:

1. I am not Gballzack. I have no idea where this came from. If I honestly need to prove that, I will.

How? Would you provide a photo? You are Gball. I'm sure because of your post in Legends thread... Anyway someone should finish this multi account circus off.


Here's a picture of my girlfriend and I from about a year ago.

Here's my senior picture.


Here I am playing a show with my band.


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Now cut the crap. I am not Gballzack.

 Hmm, looks like a woman, GBall with died hair maybe...

ckmlb, it seems you never tried an euro ps3 because the Backwards Compatibility is in no way comparable with the one you have in us and japan ps3s.
With emotion engine : 98% BC
Without emotion engine : +/- 40% BC
But i have to agree that for the average consumer that doesnt mean anything because he is not aware of it.

Zones : I still don't understand all the love for Blizzard, what was the last game they developed worth playing?

I'm not convinced that the 80gig will be $500. I see the Limited Edition being a good deal because Motorstorm is a FREE game with the system. Then the normal 80gig will still be $600 without the game. It might drop to $500 but personally doubt it. Almost every article I have seen announced that the 60gig version of the PS3 was getting a $100 price cut. They didn't say just the PS3, they specifically said the 60gig. But like I said, they might drop it to $500. I just don't see it happening.

Hi all. My First Post! Finally I've decided to sign up!

I can agree to some extent with CK about the Price drop of the new 80G model once the Limited edition stops.. however again as many have been saying, this is not set in concreat.

One thing I wanted to add however in regards to the 80GB pack...

Does Moterstorm really still cost $60??? Has it not/ will it not drop in price soon as it has sold so well??? (I'm not sure over there as I am from Australia).

However, Isn't Motorstorm developed by Sony? If it is, this is how I see the 80Gb working:

Motorstorm has already made back 100% development costs for Sony (Or who made it), so packaging it in with the 80gb version is costing them what??? $15? a cost of the blue ray disk? (however much that actually is).

The reason why bundles like this come in the first place is because the game has already made (Few acception made for new games), a profit and costs them nothing to bundle. (except for physical media costs).

If Sony introduces the 80gb at $600, the game only costs them the media ($15) and what the 20gb extra is probably cheaper then the 60gb anyway. So essentially adding the game is not costing Sony more money but increasing their profits. Hence why there could be a price drop but unlikely until at least nov.

I could see Sony easily NOT dropping the price of the 80gb for 2 main reasons:

1. They need to recoup the cost of dropping the 60gb by $100 (on top of their current losses) - Don't forget, Sony Shipped 5.5 million PS3 world wide by the end of 2006 (or was it fiascal year) - it's now been 3 - 6 months later and they still haven't sold through 4 mil. How many more units have they manufactured scince then that are currently sitting in the storehouses. Don't forget, if today it costs sony $600 to produce, last month it would have cost $630, and the month before $650 (Guestimating for example purpose only). They've already produced many more then 5.5 mil so they need to sell those 5.5 mill before cost reduction really comes into effect).

2. Companies increase or maintain high prices all the time. take a smaller retail item, say shampoo. there is a 500ml bottle, it costs $4 retail. Over time that product is reduced in size but maintains it's price:

480ml 3 months later
450ml another 3 months

and so on, suttle differences so it's not majorly notacible. then they bring out a 600ml bottle for $5 and have 2 modles on the market. a 400ml for $4 and a 600ml for $5.

Eventually the 400ml is fazed out and the process starts all over again...


eventually it gets to 500ml but it's still $5. This is retail 101 when being a wholesaler. It's the best way to increase profits while at the same time not being obvouse to the consumer you are increasing your prices yet offering the same quantity, if not less then what you origionally offered.


Now I know this is not shampoo but it's done all the time... new models of boats and cars for example.... suttle differences but major prices.

I CAN see Sony going back to and staying at the $599 price to try and recoup major current losses.

I CAN also see sony reducing the cost after the limited edition ends to $499.

We will not be 100% sure until it is announce or it happens. I for one can understand that the:

80gb with motorstorm at $599

less motorstorm:

$599 - $15 (Cost of motorstorm) = $584 and sell for $499 is not in their best interest.

ANyway, thanks for putting up with my first post!

It's me...  no really, it IS me!!!

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Okay I have to agree with Avalach21. Yes its logical Ck but that doens't mean it will happen. I mean Sony discontinued the $500 20GB PS3 and the 60GB model has been $600 up until last Sunday. What makes you think things will be any different this time. You don't have a source. You are going completely on your own supposition. Also Avalach is owed an apology because he has been getting reamed because he called out CK for stating that Sony will drop the 80GB to $499 once the 60GB is cleared out. Sony never stated that so Avalach is right. Not only that, several of you accused him of being Gballzack when he is clearly not. Just eat your freaking crow already. Also Kber81 that "Are you Jew" comment was very rude.

"Are you Jew" comment was very rude

==> in fact, I dont get the point of Kber81 when he ask this question.
Let's let him explain about this post.

Time to Work !

libellule said:
"Are you Jew" comment was very rude

==> in fact, I dont get the point of Kber81 when he ask this question.
Let's let him explain about this post.

 It's like asking someone if they are Christian or Muslim.  What's the difference?

It seems the mods need help with this forum.  I have zero tolerance for trolling, platform criticism (Rule 4), and poster bad-mouthing (Rule 3.4) and you will be reported.

Review before posting:

BenKenobi88 said:
The "Emotion Engine" argument is a weak one people...I've yet to hear hardly any major complaints from either the hardcore EU crowd or the average joe EU gaming press about backwards compatibility...

 Ben, thanks so much, not enough people mention this point.

Andir said:
libellule said:
"Are you Jew" comment was very rude

==> in fact, I dont get the point of Kber81 when he ask this question.
Let's let him explain about this post.

It's like asking someone if they are Christian or Muslim. What's the difference?

There is no difference. I don't think Kber81 meant anything buy it. English isn't his first language. I was just letting him know his question was rude. If you are in the middle of a discussion with someone and out of the blue you ask what their religion/race/sex/etc. is. It is viewed a rude by most people. Its the context of the question. Plus using Jew instead of Jewish exaserbates things. Its like asking someone from Japan "Are you Jap?".  Its just rude. I hope I have done an adequate job of explaining things. Sorry for getting completely off topic everyone.