I think this seriously undercuts the goodwill Sony earned back this week.

They announce the price drop and sales spike. They repeatedly refer to the new low price in their conference.

At no point do they tell anyone this is less of a price cut than a clearance sale.

At no point do they tell prospective customers that the $500 60 gig, 100% backward compatable model will likely not be around for the holidays, so it would be a good idea to grab one now or they may end up having to get a $600 system with an 88% PS2 emulator.

And if the rumors of a second drop are true...

At no point do they tell people about to pony up for a 60 gig that if they waited a few months, they could get an 80 gig for the same price.

Oh well, now MSs decision to hold prices makes a bit more sense.