ck the only thing i disagreed with you is the fact that CURRENTLY

sony announced that the price of the 60gb is reduced to 499

the price of the 80gb is 599 -and when released comes with motostorm for a limited time.

now comes the news that the 60gb version is being phased out and only the 80gb is left

taking the CURRENT known information, there is no indication that the 80gig without the game will reduce to 499.

will it? maybe. nothing sony has said so far indicates a price reduction is coming for the 80gig.

should it. Yes.

imo, they should drop the price to 399-449 for just the console.

but that is my opinion.

if they do NOT reduce the price of the 80gig to 499, the sales are going to tank once the 60gig is gone.