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THATS RIGHT... Im not kidding, just click the link.

end of core gaming days prediction:


E3 2006-The beginning of the end. Wii introduced


E3 2008- Armageddon. Wii motion plus introduced. Wii Music. Reggie says Animal crossing was a core game. Massive disappointment. many Wii core gamers selling their Wii.


E3 2010- Tape runs out

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I'm sold!

I'm a mod, come to me if there's mod'n to do. 

Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

Wow, costumes are great. Don't singers always wear some kind of Halloween costume when they're on stage anyway (especially punk/metal ones)? o_o

Random game thought :
Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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I have to admit.

That was hilarious.

As in go buy us some coffee.

Has Miyamoto finally jumped the shark? No seriously, since when has a dog been a musical instrument?

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The dog is a lie.....

It's actually a Mii.

Anyways, I'm going to keep an eye on this... game.

I hope I can play Jingle Bells with dog barks.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

That has got to be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my entire life relating to videogames... I almost teared up from all the laughing.

I cannot WAIT for this game!

It almost sounded like mario paint. Please tell me you don't shake a baby to get the coo noises cause....that's disturbing.

Shark jump confirmed. For some reason it reminded of an abusive owner beating there dog with the wii mote.

“When we make some new announcement and if there is no positive initial reaction from the market, I try to think of it as a good sign because that can be interpreted as people reacting to something groundbreaking. ...if the employees were always minding themselves to do whatever the market is requiring at any moment, and if they were always focusing on something we can sell right now for the short term, it would be very limiting. We are trying to think outside the box.” - Satoru Iwata - This is why corporate multinationals will never truly understand, or risk doing, what Nintendo does.