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I just got finished watching the most recent episode Code Geass r2 19 and now imo Code Geass takes top honors in being the greatest Anime I have ever watched, prevously that spot was taken by the classic Outlaw Star. Before I discovered Code Geass the only anime I was currently watching at the time was Bleach, I guess you could say I was somewhat a bleach addict. The thing is i have almost completely given up on bleach and now follow pretty much only Code Geass. Code Geass has stunned me sence I first began watching it completely boggling my mind. Everything in the anime is done right and done to such a superb quality it is quite unbelieveable. One of the key aspects in Code Geass is that the show is basically the king of plot twists. Every episode there seems to be some sort of twist, wether it be big or wether it be small all in all each one of them catch you completely off guard and are generally unexpected. Each episode has a great amount of intensity and imo dubb this anime king... any opinions ?

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C'mon no posts ? I understand its REALLY late... err early... but still :D I love this anime, i know ppl on here also love this anime and I want to hear your opinions of wether or not Code Geass deserves the title of Anime King... (In this Thread of course lol)

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better than Death note?

Never got into Death Note so yes better then Death Note... dont stab me please lol

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Code Geass has my vote xD

Yhey for Code Geass lol

no,yu yu hakusho is

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It is a good series, but i don't think that a series as incredibly flawed as geass deserves to be called 'one of the greats', let alone the best anime ever.

It's okay. Not great or fantastic, but merely okay.

If you like it, good for you.