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So it begins...................

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Erikers...did your know.....kafizzle, sizzle, and get Red?

souixan said:
 So Lufia Rise of Sinistrials was a Spin off ahh. Alright here I thought it maintained the same story line! Thanks for clearing that up for me, it felt pretty coherent to me I and here I thought it wasn't a spin off for all those years!

Point is, they didn't put the number II on it... Silent Hill Origins anybody? Prequels aren't always numbered to help avoid confusion. So you're assuming it is not in the lineage of the game simply because it doesn't have a Roman numeral at the end?


 interesting you mentioned Silent Hill :0rigins... Bceause it was developed by Climax Studios, the ones that are making the Wii Overlord game :)

My brother played and liked the original Overlord. Hope he knows that this game was announced


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The original is fun and funny. I've got the PC version. Very interested. The fanboy downplaying is getting kinda annoying kids. It's developed by the same team that made the PC (and PS360) versions, and written by the same writer who made those versions. So whatever you want to call it, it's made by the same staff in the same franchise as the main game they are creating right now.  So downplaying this one and praising the original just makes you look like a moron.

i always ment to get overlord for the 360 but never got around to it. overlord on the wii sounds even better! xD

erikers said:
the_bloodwalker said:
erikers said:

Rather than going to the 360? The actual sequel is going to be on the 360 aka Overlord 2. This is another spinoff that's going to be pointless like the Soulcalibur one was. The actual main Overlord game isn't even good. I can't imagine what this game will be. There's little hope this or Overlord 2 will be any good.


Read the article...

From the Article:

IGN: How is Overlord Dark Legend related to the first Overlord game?

Dean Scott: There are lots of subtle connections for Overlord-savvy gamers, but in the lineage of the series the events take place before the original game. So certain things you do set up events featured in the other games. It's not the same Overlord though. We're setting up the idea that there have been a series of Overlords throughout time.

is not a spinoff

Anything that isn't part of the main series is enevitably a spinoff. This isn't Star Wars where the first Overlord game was called Overlord 4 and this Wii game is now Overlord 1. It's a spinoff that takes place before the first Overlord. I'm not sure what you read that made you think otherwide but there's only one main series for a franchise and any other games relating to the series are spinoff games made from the original concept.


Wow my faith in humanity keeps dropping when people like him say things like that.  I mean shoot the aliens are going to know who to take down now aren't they. 


Note if a game is a prequel techincally its the first in the series meaning its the first one.  Meaning actually the original Overlord game now just technically became a sequel and this is the first in the series.  A spinoff is something that diverts from the main storyline and events.  This doesn't which is why you failed so bad.

As for the game I'm intrigued but not sold.  Need some vids.



Btw, technically the term "prequel" is not related to a spinoff. It means "previous sequel" and is used to denote games/movies/books that despite being part of the main series take place in an earlier timeline.

Now we're arguing over the semantics of prequel and spin off... the non-Nintendo people in the Nintendo Discussion is getting really old.

We get it. You like shooters and/or HD graphics. There's nothing wrong with that.

On topic:

I am excited for this, the PC game was interesting but not interesting enough for me to buy. A Wii game adds in the controls to the humor and such... that's a good thing for gamers, and a good idea from the developer.

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