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I assume this new peripheral is aimed at the core market and will come packed with a core game (Disaster?). Future (mostly 3rd party) games will utilize it fully but no one will require it. Much like the N64 Rumble pack....

I think this is a pretty damn near perfect move by Nintendo, at least it will be if they have games on hand the core will love (as promised) to show it off.

Considering the the minor costs of the wheel with Mario Kart and Link's Crossbow training is basically free with the zapper, I doubt highly this will be cost prohibitive for anyone. It'll probably bump whatever game it's included with price by $10 and be well worth it.


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GREAT news.

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@Peripheral Haters

Wow you guys do realize every CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc you buy is a peripheral right?

Also you guys do know that the nunchuck is a add-on that is packaged with the controller, yet the Wiimote and nunchuk are peripherals by definition, in fact the GC controlers are peripherals - man you guys have a lot to complain about... heck even the external harddrives, SD cards, and USB cards also the wireless adapter and the IR Bar are all peripherals.

Holy crow - also @dissolute

Your joking right? Everyone of your posts had to be jokes, I'm honestly waiting for the "haha gotcha" part.

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Who knew an add-on can cause so much attention

Oh right, Nintendo

I'm a little puzzled about why people are complaining about peripherals as well. This is the age of Rock Band! At least this one fits in the palm of your hand rather than occupying your whole living room.

Obviously if the device doesn't add enough value to justify the cost for you, you won't buy it, but ragging on Nintendo for working the peripheral angle seems silly when everybody else is doing the same.

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It's ok though, the more people hate on the peripheral the more it will sell.

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The Zelda announcement tomorrow will be huge. :O

What if it's project Hammer?

Skies of Arcadia 2 would be massive.

but it has to be Nintendo.

Hmm what if it's a Poke'mon Wii RPG that plays similar to Diablo 2.

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don't like it... need me a biger wallet

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I'm excited, any improvement to the motion sensing is an instant buy for me.