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Forums - Sales Discussion - Everyone wins this generation except Sony! Y cant people get it??

Hi, Im new here but ive been reading these threads for a while. NIntendo and Microsoft  has stolen market share away from Sony's unbelieveable dominance from the last 2 generations in the last 2 years! Is the PS 3 really selling more than the XBox 360 an accomplishment? NO WAY! It was supposed to no matter what even at much higher prices! You get a PS3 along with a free Blue ray Player! Just for the fact that its not destroying the Xbox 360 is a theoretical failure and success for Microsoft.

Lets assume that in the next geneations of PC's, apple gets a 40% market share to Microsofts 60%, should Microsoft be bragging that its still larger or does the success belong to Apple and a failure belong to Microsoft. I would say that Microsoft failed cause it was supposed to have a near monopoly in it.

The PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 is no accomplishment by any means. It was always "supposed to", any thing less than steller sales way above is the Xbox 360 is a failure to Sony and success for everyone elese.

My opionion

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what a "wonderful" post, welcome to the board :)

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Yes it is a failure under initial expectations, but if you think that Sony is still expecting to sweep this generation then you're wrong. Once you find that you aren't going to sweep the generation your expectations change, as they should. Putting the failure and success lines where you have put them will always put the last winner in a precarious situation, and specifically put Sony at a huge disadvantage this generation due to the amazing success of the last.

In conclusion, your measure of success is one way to look at it, but I disagree.


Congratulatios you make a controversial first post and I agree with you Sony is the big loser this gen.

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I get it, I've only read the headline but my take on it is:

Nintendo wins because last generation they were slaughtered by Sony and even Microsoft sold more consoles than them.

Microsoft do ok because they have clearly taken sales from Sony but probably haven't done as well as they had hoped

Sony lose because they had such a huge lead and advantage last generation but blew it.

And welcome btw...just don't be put off by the avalanche of put downs that you are about to get! :P

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This point has been repeated ad nauseam. Technically, Sony has failed in several different markets already just from falling from dominance, and gaming was one of the many. Nintendo has failed before, and Microsoft failed just from coming in second place last generation.

Hell, Nintendo is still failing because they're not as dominant as they were back in the 4th generation.



welcome to vgchartz. 

Not trying to be a fanboy. Of course, it's hard when you own the best console eve... dang it

Dude this gen isnt over yet..

And even with that said the PS3 is still overpriced and until it gets to a similar wii price range it wont dominate anything.



I agree, compared to Sony's last gen this one seems like a failure. Both MS and Nintendo improved over last gen which wasn't very good for them.

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