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Hi, Im new here but ive been reading these threads for a while. NIntendo and Microsoft  has stolen market share away from Sony's unbelieveable dominance from the last 2 generations in the last 2 years! Is the PS 3 really selling more than the XBox 360 an accomplishment? NO WAY! It was supposed to no matter what even at much higher prices! You get a PS3 along with a free Blue ray Player! Just for the fact that its not destroying the Xbox 360 is a theoretical failure and success for Microsoft.

Lets assume that in the next geneations of PC's, apple gets a 40% market share to Microsofts 60%, should Microsoft be bragging that its still larger or does the success belong to Apple and a failure belong to Microsoft. I would say that Microsoft failed cause it was supposed to have a near monopoly in it.

The PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 is no accomplishment by any means. It was always "supposed to", any thing less than steller sales way above is the Xbox 360 is a failure to Sony and success for everyone elese.

My opionion