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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Wii will see regular 1,000,000 per month sales in U.S.

Well duh!

This prediction blows John.
Once Nintendo sorts it out (ie stops giving American supply to Europe due to the poor Dollar) They will be doing what they usually do, which is giving almost half of their production to the Americas.

2.4/2 = 1.2 million.

Edit: although now I re-read I notice you said U.S. so I am doubtful we will see regular sales above 1 million by NPD until Nintendo increases production some more, because Europe is an increasing market to Americas will likely ge 45% or less of shipments, which we then have to cut down to mean USA only, so at the rate of production Nintendo is aiming for at the moment USA will probably only get 900k per month.

Until the last quarter I don't think we will see NPD over 1 million on ANY 4 week month, and it is unlikely for the 5 week months.
I think we will have to wait till 2009 before this comes true John, unless you are counting November-December as regular

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Looking at the OP's sig he's been wrong before and his predictions are just downright ridiculous.

60 million by the end of 2008?

What have you been smoking? They'd need an average of 5-6 million sales per month.

Lets see

hopefully this prediction won't flop like your MGS 4 ones..

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This isn't as far out as many of your other predictions, and it might happen.

It could average 1M a month from now on and out, due to spike in holiday season clearing up for what it hasn't sold before. 1M average could easily happen, 1M every month is hard for 08.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Spectacular yet terrible predictions from this guy as usual.

So far this year, Jan-April, VGC has these numbers per region:
NA: 590,000 per month (USA would then be 540,000)
EU/Others: 590,000 per month
Jap: 275,000 per month
total WW: 1.455,000 per month

Like some people have said, if Nintento ups production to 2.4 million per month (and that was speculation from an outside analyst, right?) they will probably stuff some of that to Holiday season.

2.4 x 12 = 29 million consoles. 9 million of that is Nov+Dec sales.

Remains 20 million for 10 months= 2 mill per month. That is 37% higher than sales so far in this year (Jan-Apr).

A 37% increase of the USA number of 540,000 would mean 740,000 Wiis per month. Still an enormous amount, but not regular millions.

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Big deal. Wii shipments are soon going to be at 2.4 million, and America gets 40%+ of Wii shipments. 40%+ of 2.4 million is 1 million.

The perfect home console would probably plateau at American sales of 25 million per year, with 5 million per quarter and 10 million in the Christmas quarter. The Wii is still pretty far away from that.

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Wasn't your last prediction that Nintendo would raise supply to 4.1 million units/month this fiscal year, to meet your lofty prediction of 60 million Wiis sold LTD by Dec 31, 08?

Did that happen? hrm...

Slimebeast said:
Nintento ups production to 2.4 million per month (and that was speculation from an outside analyst, right?) 

  Nope, Iwata announced it at the Annual Report Briefing. They're going to arrive at 2.4 million monthly capacity by June.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.

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