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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Wii will see regular 1,000,000 per month sales in U.S.

*bleu-ocelot* said:


So your excuse is that whenever the wii has a low sales week(like say last week) in NA,its supply constrained? and that the wii can magically sell 1mil a month in NA without major software pushing those sales!? in a falling economy mind you. You sir are delusional.

I get tired of saying this line over and over, but I will try it once again. Check any pair of weeks for Wii sales in the last few months. There is a high week, and a low week in every set. The reason for that is because of shipment fluctuation. The Wii is still sold out through-out the majority of the US. Supply constrained products are going to have sales dips when there is no supply. How do you explain the extremely predictable and stable pattern of a high week, and then a low week when not all high weeks have big software hits pushing them? I am far from delusional. You are not looking at the facts.

Please explain the following graph if the Wii is not currently supply constrained: 

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Yes, there are more or less regular fluctuations of sales, Gnizmo. You have to look at the trend within the trend: that the sales of each 2 weeks has been getting larger for the Wii over the last month or two.

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I see 1 million sold in June (a 5 week month) and Nov/Dec but that's it.

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It will definitely happen. We have had two months in arrow that have been 700,000+ and demand has not been met, so it only needs to increase by another 50%. After a price cut it is inevitable.

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I decided to check Wii sales in the US, and sure enough, there's a definite "more units per week sold" pattern that emerges, with a few bumps along the way.

US Sales of the Wii Starting 12 January 2008 in 2-Week Jumps
49,113+61,626 = 110,739
115,296+92,794 = 208,090
180,733+47,702 = 228,435
78,975+192,482 = 271,457
77,195+170,313 = 247,508
255,561+92,705 = 348,266
182,891+98,964 = 281,855
186,662+76,608 = 263,270
398,710+129,919 = 528,629

* During the weeks of 23 February and 1 March, the pattern was reversed. No apparent catalyst can be found, but sales were higher than normal for this pair of weeks.
* During the weeks of 22 March and 29 March, the pattern was reversed again. Brawl's street release date in the US was 9 March, possibly accounting for the abnormal rise.
* During the week of 5 April, the supply was abnormally larger. No apparent catalyst can be found.
* During the week of 3 May, the supply was abnormally larger, presumed in the gaming community to have been in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto IV. Supply the following week was also higher than usual for a "down" week, possibly indicating another reversal of "off week" in process.

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Welcome back JL, my condolences for the family losses.

I'm glad to see your back to your predictions, its just not the same without them! I look forward to seeing the outcome of this one as well, all though I must say I don't think this one is quite as bold as some of your previous predictions...I'm sure you would say your predictions have always been at the same level but it is our perceptions that are finally catching up..or something to that effect...

We shall see, and I hope you're right!

@John Lucas-ites,

For those of you worshiping JL I have a simple message for you:

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Well a year ago I would have thrown this off as craziness but now well it's more plausible than ever. I mean 700k each in the last 2 months. One being a 4 week tracking month. Meaning if it was 5 weeks it would have been close to 900k last month.

I mean this is incredible and all means and Nintendo is still planning to increase shipments. Now if only these increased hardware sales meant better software sales haha. We can dream eh.

Yay JL's back. :D
Sorry about your personal problems. :( Life can be a bitch.

No doubt the Wii will be selling 1 million per month once Ninty increases production to 2.4m starting in July.

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Wii monthly NA sales will top 400k every month in '08. *Jan sales ruined it. Grrrr!*
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MGS4 will NOT be released in '08. *Darn it!* FF13 will NOT be released in '08.
Rockband Wii will top 600k in first month sales in North America.
WiiFit will pass the PS3 WW sales by Xmas '09.

i don't think JL is getting freaked out by any of us :)

wa ha ha ha ha!

the Wii is an epidemic.

Welcome back JL.

Finally a prediction we can agree on again (almost)!!

Actually, I think at this point 1m/month in NA is almost a no-brainer. It's at 700k+ now, production is increasing, Wii Fit is launching and typically a console will sell best in it's third year - which means we should only expect to see sales continue to grow until at least mid '09.

Edit: To clarify I'm predicting an avg 1m per month in NA (not just USA) by mid '09.