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    Where would we be now if the NES didn't come when it did?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2009

    if not NES, something else would have come along, even if weren't as influential. the NES wasn't that revolutionary, no need to put it on a pedestal....

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    Turned a non-gamer into a core gamer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2009

    cool... although it's more like getting a non-gamer hooked on a core game than turning him into a "core-gamer".but i suppose if it makes him want to pick up the next COD or the likes that's pretty cool. when it comes down to it it's all about what somebody enjoys, once you get past the initial bias against video games....

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    Nintendo Transforms Times Square into a Spectacular Wii Sports Resort

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2009

    i was there... wasn't that impressive. i was more impressed by the giant ads at ToysRUs in fact. they did actually have sand, though....

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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii is history getting ready to echo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2009

    man, i just hope the 2d side scrollers make a comeback. we have some on wii-ware, and i'm happy for it. they don't need to be full-priced, $50 titles, you know. SMB Wii obviously is gonna be full priced, but lesser (brand-wise) titles don't need to charge a full price to make a profit....

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    Magic: the Gathering for XBLA = bad

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 June 2009

    hmm, i see both sides of the argument here. i guess in order to enjoy it, you kind of have to drop a few familiar aspects of the actual Magic game and just go with this reduced version. the sticking-with-pre-cons aspect sounds fine. that does help balance people who play a lot and those who just play every now and then. like others have said, it's not about building legit tournament decks...

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    Will any other game ever beat Wii Sports as the greatest game ever

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 April 2009

    Wii Sports can easily be the greatest game ever. If introducing to a whole segment of the population how much fun video games can be isn't a great accomplishment, I don't know what is.An analogy for those who thinks that MSG4 or GTA4 or Zelda TP can quite qualify as "greatest". As a classically trained musician, I can argue that Beethoven's "greatest" work is his Grosse Fugue. There are some...

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    $52,300 for a family of 4 is what the government needs to collect.

    in General Discussion on 04 April 2009

    the deficit... nothing quite like it to get people riled up.first off, it's not like this is news. anybody who follows the finances of this country knows it's coming. secondly, nobody knows for a fact if this is a bad thing. 100% debt with regards to GDP most economists consider is something okay, as well as a deficit 3% of annual GDP. of course, economists tend to be wrong a lot, and i think...

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    Mad World, WTF happened!?!?!?!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2009

    people don't seem to understand how niche the so-called "hardcore" gamer is. this gamer is little more than a myth. it's a term lots of us have tried not to use because it's so incredibly ill-defined, but decided to use on anyway because it is all but impossible to convey some similar idea without having to explain it every time.anyway, GTA on the ds is a much better example than MadWorld. ...

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    Casual games = Soulless games. Wii is not for me.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2009

    "Good games need to have a soul."That's a good soundbite, but that's about it. Even scarier:"These games and many more have changed my personality."Shouldn't that be a warning sign to you?I guess for a younster like you, that's alright, but don't take it too seriously. You have to remember the intentions of the game creators. "Soul", as you know it, is nothing but the drama and rush you have...

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    Microsoft Bill Gates Reclaims Title of World's Richest Man

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 March 2009

    Pristine20 said: MaxwellGT2000 said: The guys that were ranked higher for a little while inflated their value higher just to get on the list, kind of a vain thing :P but they couldn't stay there cause they didn't have the businesses to keep them at the top and sustain them.   ^This. And when you put things in perspective, you realize how sad their action really are....

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    Microsoft Bill Gates Reclaims Title of World's Richest Man

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 March 2009

    NinjaKido said: seece said: NinjaKido said: kowenicki said:@ ninjakidowrong he could give away 90% of his wealth and live better than 99.5% of the population... but thats hardly the point is it. I cant believe people pick holes in the fact he gives so much, so willingly. sad.   Thanx for the correction but we both know the exact percentages are...

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    Compiler to get automatic multi-threading

    in PC Discussion on 11 March 2009

    well, maybe this is new to gcc, but the sun compiler for instance already has this. so it's nothing new. by and large this is very restrictive, i don't know how much use game programmers will find for it....

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    Installed Linux on my laptop - impressions

    in PC Discussion on 11 March 2009

    back in grad school i used ubuntu a lot, mostly for research, which is good since a lot of academic stuff is available only for linux. but the whole issues with dependencies and what-nots is an utter pain in my rears...ubuntu didn't really offer anything i couldn't do in windows, and eventually i switched back to windows and just started using cygwin and x-win32, which isn't now, i've...

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    "Just one more turn" - A Hardcore Strategy Thread (rts no no)

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 March 2009

    way too much time into EU3 lately. read and learned a lot of history as a result of playing the game. or should i say, my excuse for keep going back to play it. but i'm finally a bit sick of it now.among the civs, i still like civ2 the best. civ3 and civ4 don't really add too much to the core experience, but the cultural assimilation part is kind of fun. alpha centauri i never got into it. ...

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    in General Discussion on 16 February 2009

    cutting jobs is really, really simple to understand. it's just about the anticipation of a slowing economy.i mean, you and i, as consumers, do it all the time. let's say you have gotten a raise because your performance has been good, but you also realize that the risk of you losing your job is getting higher because your company isn't doing so well, so naturally you start saving more and...

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    Venezuela and its next step to a dictatorship

    in General Discussion on 16 February 2009

    well, it's all about the people. if the people agree with him, you gotta listen to the could be wrong, but hey, it could also work out. historically is hasn't worked out that frequently, but it doesn't mean dictatorship is necessarily a bad thing....

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    in General Discussion on 16 February 2009

    Commando said: akuma587 said:Democracy doesn't should we have a monarchy or what? Communism? Fascism? Just claiming something doesn't work without offering a viable alternative is not very constructive.    Ok I see your point.  but truth is I didn't feel the need to rant on about that because it's moot when you come to the realization that (much to...

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    in General Discussion on 15 February 2009

    bad economy brings out the worst biases from everybody. only in america will people spend more time blaming others than thinking about what they could contribute to solving the problem. like, actually understanding what the arguments are that people throw out there. democracy is by a long shot the best system we human societies have tried out so far, but in times like these, i hate the fact...

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    IGN: NASCAR Kart Racing Review 7.4

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 February 2009

    nice... i've always hated mario kart, because it has no "real life" stuff in it, but this sounds like something i might actually get once it dips into the bargain bin!...

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    Whos Holding out on a cheaper PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 February 2009

    go to any circuit city, they're liquidating, 20% off everything including XBox and PS3. last time i went there (times square store) at least 50 of each were lying around.   (not quite times square,43rd and 5th)....

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