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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Wii will see regular 1,000,000 per month sales in U.S.

Nice prediction John Lucas. But Who are you in reality? A man, a god or a nintendo representative?

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2.4m/month makes this prediction very possible. Look at the numbers historically. America usually sells the most, with Europe/others behind a little ways, and Japan further back from there.

2.4m/month - 1m American = 1.4m for the rest.

We could place .9m of that in Europe/others, and the remaining .5m in Japan.

Makes perfectly reasonable sense. In fact, with those production numbers, it's not only possible, it's probable.


It's a very nice prediction, sounds fair and logical to me..

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Nice to see you back John. And sorry about your loss. One million a month for Americas seems possible, even likely, but few things makes me wonder will they supply that much; they need to stockpile for chrismas and the upcoming chinese launch. Although, any extreme numbers are not to be expected from China and 2,4M monthly production should be enough to supply the rest of the world and leaving 1M supply for the Americas (but the stockpiling).

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Eikä Japanisti.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Hi John. Welcome back, and my condolences to you!

I think your prediction may turn out to be true, I just don't yet think production will be as high as you said. 4.1 million from 2.4 million is too big an increase for half a year which is left...

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Well, Wii can probably do it but only for a couple of months. A full year is impossible. The economics is not just there to attain 1 million per month especially the off seasons.

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I just read most of this thread. All I have to say is, "Damn, he's still got it." Welcome home!

Welcome back John!, my first friend.

I hope everything is well with you, life can be shit sometimes.
I couldn't agree more with your prediction. Wii fit is gonna get SO much blame. How much blame can something get?

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A Million a month .... ok .... I'd like to see that.

Imperial said:
A Million a month .... ok .... I'd like to see that.

 woot! a doubter.

eat crow b*tch. You don't doubt john. 

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