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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Where do you rank the Switch among Nintendo handhelds?

We've seen the Nintendo Switch match up to Nintendo's home console greats such as the SNES, Nintendo 64 and Wii. But what about Nintendo's handhelds? After all, the entire point of the Switch is that you can play it anywhere, so it's only natural to see where it stands in that category.

Personally, as far as the library and quality is concerned, I'd say the Switch is among one of the greatest Nintendo among their handhelds. I'd say it ranks up there with the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, maybe even surpassing those systems.

You have Nintendo console titles like Legend of Zelda BotW/TotK and Super Mario Odyssey playable alongside evolved versions of handheld staples like Kirby and Fire Emblem. Even those console-like games can play similarly to handheld games in that they can be enjoyed in small doses.

But I also think the Switch has brought back a lot of that "Nintendo handheld" feel that I thought was somewhat missing from the Nintendo 3DS, particularly on the third party front. From Indies, to the various great Japanese games and remasters, to the "WTF" ports of games like Witcher III, I feel like the Switch has brought back a lot of that magic from the GBA and DS.

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For me Switch and Nintendo DS are neck to neck and it varies pretty much daily what system I prefer.

Switch obviously have a lead when it comes to the power but the battery life of the NDS made it possible to play for the whole transatlantic flight and bus transfer. The lighter weight of NDS made it easier on the wrists during longer playing sessions while the switch feels a bit heavy at times.
I think the original games for NDS was more innovative and different, but the amount of quality content on the switch is just unprecedented on a Nintendo system.

Would probably rank the handhelds as:
NDS Lite
Other NDS models
3DS (sue me, dislike the thing)

It’s an interesting question. I suppose it depends on your criteria. If you’re judging by ergonomics and portability, you could make a convincing case that Switch is inferior to other Nintendo handheld systems.

If you’re judging by game library, however, I think Switch is untouchable.

Since that, for me, is ultimately the most important aspect, I would rank Switch #1.

Easily #1. Not even close.

I generally don’t rank it among the handhelds, but rather as a separate hybrid category.

But in terms of Nintendo’s overall console rankings, I put it in the top tier along with the NES, DS Lite, Wii, and SNES. In case it doesn’t go without saying, I rank based on how much I liked the consoles in their time, but I’ve played all of these consoles (or, at least, their games) long after the end of the Gen.

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Since it's an hybrid device, it really depends on your use case for the thing. Personally, my use of it as a handheld dramatically went down after the first few years. Not that I dislike playing in handheld mode but it never felt as satisfying than when I had it plugged on my TV imo.

So I'll have to rank it lower than my 3DS and GBA in this aspect.

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I can't rank, because it's not a handheld

I guess #1, but kinda unfair to the other handhelds that aren’t nearly as big and powerful.

Game Library #1
Hardware #2

Hardware #1 (as it has way more collectable editions), Hopefully Switch milks a few more designs in the end life.



I generally don’t rank it among the handhelds, but rather as a separate hybrid category.

But just to entertain this premise, Id say its in my top 3. Together with NDS and 3DS.