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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTA VI trailer very close to 200 Million views

The Grand Theft Auto VI first trailer was released back in December 4, 2023, and it became one of the most hyped (if not the most hyped) video game trailers ever, with millions of views in a couple of hours.

Now, almost 6 months later, the trailer is about to reach another milestone: It sits at 191 million views, getting really close to 200 million. Now with a release date defined (Fall 2025), I won't be surprised if it doesn't take too long.

View the trailer below. GTA VI releases Fall 2025 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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Not a fan of the series, not my thing. But I appreciate their pushing tech. Looking like it will rip some GPUs and crush some memory bandwidth.


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Incredible that it's blown past the views of the GTA V trailer despite being the GTA VI trailer being released just a short time ago! Should be able to pass the Infinity War trailer!

Considering their budget and what they are most likely aiming for, this is the least surprising aspect. They are obviously gonna hype and market this to the ground.

Although, the video game landscape has changed since the release in 2023. PC is hugely more prevalent than it was so they won't get those 10-20M sales from the get go.

Anywoo, the campaign will most likely be fine but the other aspect of it, GTA Online, is really not my thing so can't say I'm really much into it as I was for GTAV back then.

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I do think most people are overestimating the impact on hardware sales GTA 6 will have since the consoles will be about 5 years old by the time it launches but it's still gonna be one hell of a launch regardless. A billion in revenue in its first day seems likely which I think will be a first though it's unfortunate the lack of a simultaneous PC release will hold back the record breaking potential since it would've been cool to see how high it would've peaked on Steam.

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This is probably the last remaining franchise that I really want to play that exists on platforms I probably won’t buy. Although, I’d be all over this if it ever came to Switch 2 (not holding my breath).

Yeah GTA came to Switch, but they botched the soundtracks to the point where it seems like a downgrade from the earlier versions. Taking Tupac, Kate Bush, Gary Numan, Michael Jackson, video killed the radio star, Rage Against the Machineand like 2 dozen others off the soundtrack is like ripping pieces of the soul of those games out. Part of the main attraction for me is joyriding while listening to those tunes. So, still waiting for a proper 3D GTA game on a Nintendo console.

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Less than 5 million left, guys.