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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 17+18, 2024 (Apr 22 - May 05)

okay so is nintendo is going to sell 3M switches in japan they need to average 57.7k currently the weekly average is 57.1. I wonder if holiday sales will boost the average up enough. I think it can go either way. I really want to see how paper mario affects sales of switchs.

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Switch it sold out in Japan. 😂 they will come back stronger next week

jvmkdg said:

Considering that 70% of PS5 sales are digital, Stellar Blade must have sold 150 thousand copies including digital media.

Physical sales are higher in Japan than digital so it's more likely 100k total.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Considering this is 2 weeks, including Golden Week, Switch hardware looks low. Switch hardware sales were going really strong for the past month or so, even with no holiday or notable release.

Norion said:

For yet another twist the Switch sells worse during Golden Week than it was for the previous few weeks. I guess that retailer deal really was making a big difference. Definitely a weak GW overall but that's fine since the 2025 one should be significantly better.

Because sales aren't based on Japanese consumers, the Japanese holidays don't mean much. Maybe a bit too presumptuous, but Japanese people like to travel during Golden Week, so a lot of people will be out of major shopping centers or in Hawaii/Guam etc.

Software top 30 sales for each of week 17 & 18 now posted. Hardware splits will probably be available next week.

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Always nice to see a new IP take first place.

Good debut for Stellar Blade.

Chicho said:

Xbox Series X|S 2024 has now surpassed 2023 YTD.

Seems like Microsoft is sending to the East the units people are not buying in the West, which is kind of ironic. I think theres is still some of that Palworld effect at play here. It will be interesting to see how that market will react to the latest debacle, if at all.

I wonder how many Korean developed games have made an impact on the charts in Japan?

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I know Lies of P was one that sold a good amount in Japan.