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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What has been your biggest gaming surprise this year?

There's been a lot of big things that have occurred over the past year in gaming. Some of it felt like it would never actually go through (The Activision/Blizzard merger with Microsoft being a major one). Some of it was just unexpected (Yes, I keep talking about October 20th because 2 of the fastest selling and highest selling exclusives of the year released on the same day, which we don't see happening to often). There's so many moments to choose from. Which would be your choices? 

Mine personally were 

  • Microsoft finally acquired Activision/Blizzard
  • October 20th 
  • Super Mario RPG remake finally happening and coming out this year

Keep in mind, the rules of this forum still apply. Disappointment can be considered a surprise but keep your comments and conversations in this thread civil. 

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A few things come to mind, but Baldurs Gate 3's performance critically and commercially by far is the most surprising to me:

- SpiderMan 2 having better reviews than Starfield
- Average PlayStation Showcase
- Alan Wake 2's reception (in terms of expectations from Remedy)
- Golden age of transmedia adaptations (The Last of Us, Mario, Twisted Metal)

I was very pleased with spider 2. It exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.


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Super Mario RPG remake announcement.

Been waiting 20+ years for it.

Street Fighter 6. After 5, I had pretty low expectations and a lot of the pre-release stuff wasn't instilling me with confidence, but it's actually a really good game and I'm feeling confident about the current Street Fighter team, which would sound completely unreal to me at any point in the last 7 years. Or more, even. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

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A new Shadowman. Just never thought we would get another one. Also Ufouria: The Saga 2.

bg3, pre-launch I didn't think it could beat Zelda in most of the awards given out by the media

-How impressive totk was.
-Totk being dethroned by bg3
-Starfield  underwhelming and not game of year material.
-new shadowman
-mgs3 remake reveal
- jcvd finally in mortal kombat

Super Mario RPG remake announcement for sure.

BasilZero said:

Super Mario RPG remake announcement.

Been waiting 20+ years for it.

I second this.