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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spider Man 2 surpasses Mario Wonder sales on physical media in the United Kingdom.

zeldaring said:

UK annual sales just came out and spider man still beating mario wonder of course digital and bundles it included.

I know and I don't get it. first of all, Nintendo does not adds or shares the digital sales so it is already like comparing 2 different things and also Mario has been higher in the charts most weeks also excluding digital. 


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All indications have been showing that Mario Wonder sold like crazy this holiday season. The game is nearly 4 months old and it's still the #1 bestselling game on the Eshop & Amazon, even outselling juggernauts like MK8. We also had the UK numbers reveal that Mario Wonder sold better in December than it did in its launch month which is impressive to say since most games get the majority of their sales within the first two weeks. People may have been disappointed from the launch sales of Mario Wonder but Mario does much better in evergreen sales compared to any other title, the sales numbers for this game releasing about 2 days from now will be huge, likely 10 Million+ with likely far more left in the tank to sell, and will easily be the fastest selling Mario game in history