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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - F-Freaking Zero is BACK!


Will you play F-Zero 99?

Fuck yeah!!!! 21 46.67%
Nah, looks fugly 10 22.22%
Maybe I'll give it a try 14 31.11%

F-ZERO™ 99 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

So, this came out of nowhere, at least for me. I'll play the heck out of it when time allows me to lolol.

As @firebush03 said in the article section, "Nintendo actually acknowledged F-Zero’s existence! This is a huge deal!! They literally said “F-Zero is back” in the direct: symbolically this is pretty big win".

I totally agree.  I had never played any of the 99 games, but I'll sure play this one. F-Zero is my favorite racer of all time and the one I played the most. It was also a showcase to kill Mega Drive/Genesis owners with envy for what they could not have back in the day lololol. This is kind of big news.

Thoughts? Will you play?

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I'll play for a bit.
This seems like the bare minimum Nintendo could possibly do to acknowledge F-Zero. Perhaps it's part of a long-term plan which will give us GX HD next and eventually a new game.

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That would be awesome indeed!

The game looks chaotic in the best way possible, but ugh does it hurt! I'm still going to play as much as I can to show Nintendo there are those who still want to play F-Zero! I played X for N64 for like 4 months straight when it came to the NSO Expansion Pack lol. I need to go back and play it again!

Looks neat. The 99 series is still the best reason to pay the Nintendo online, right alongside Splatoon. Still not paying for it, though.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Maybe. Not an F-Zero fan, but I have NSO, so I might check it out.

It's a lot of fun. Honestly, that was my longest ever session of an F-Zero game.

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That's not F-Zero. It's a cheap trick and not the good kind like the song.

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Maybe that can lead us to a brand new F-Zero game for Nintendo's next console.

By the way, I really miss watching people playing Super Mario Bros. 35. That game was pure chaos.

Leynos said:

That's not F-Zero. It's a cheap trick and not the good kind like the song.

Cheap? Now, that’s where you’re wrong.

It’s a free F-Zero game :)

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.