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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 22, 2023 (May 22 - May 28)

jvmkdg said:

my prediction for the ps5 to reach 5 million in total by the end of the year is getting even further away. even if final fantasy xvi is a success it would still have to sell 45,000 units a week by the end of the year.

I think your prediction is a safe bet.   By the end of the month I suspect we will all realize this.  

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Excellent hold for Switch. Wonder how many more weeks it can stay in this range.

At the Switch's current pace, it should be +/- 32 million by the end of the year. So it'll be in prime position to pass both the Game Boy and DS to take the number 1 spot before the Switch 2 hits the market.

Great hold for the Switch, Zelda really seems to do wonders in terms of console sales right now.

Switch and TotK both looking great. Switch really impressive the past month. Heck even BotW is near the top of the charts after 6 years thanks to renewed excitement for all things Zelda. TotK is probably just under 3 million total Japan sales I'd guess right now, should pass next week if it didn't pass it this week. I was worried given the excitement for the game and how big the first weekend sales were that maybe it wouldn't have much legs, but still doing ~150k physical-only in the third week is great.

PS5 continuing to look great with a weekly base in the 30,000s. That'll probably drop this summer to 20,000s I bet but damn impressive its still doing high 30's right now after it presumably caught up on all the pent up demand the first few months of the year. It'll probably hit 2 million for the year around black friday week.

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BOTW is just climbing the charts again.

Solid numbers. Switch probably sold a crazy amount in May WW.

Megiddo said:
Pinkie_pie said:

Very poor PS5 numbers the last few weeks. There's a chance it won't sell 3 million this year

Please look at what the best selling year for the PS4 was in Japan. This is like me saying that there's a chance that the Switch won't sell 10 million this year. It's an incomprehensibly stupid statement.

You can't be serious thinking there was no way or it was highly unlikely ps5 won't sell 3 million this year. Saying switch switch could sell 10 million is 100% impossible.  I'm willing to bet with you PS5 will sell 3 million this year

Even if it doesn't sell 3 million it will be within 100-200k. Switch could barely get to within half of 10 million so your comparison is really bad

Mario movie and Zelda boost pretty strong.

Fascinating how the Switch momentum remained stable even though Zelda drop a bit under half physically ... This game truly is the 2nd wind of life the console needed to have a good year.

This is the power of making some of the greatest exclusives. It sells hardware !

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