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Forums - Sony Discussion - Project Q - Destined to fail?


What do you think will happen to Project Q?

It will be a success 0 0%
It will do well 8 20.51%
Not sure 6 15.38%
It will fail 19 48.72%
This is the worst idea ever 6 15.38%

I voted it will do well.

Under the conditions that PS fans can convince themselves that non-TV gaming is possible and that they will have to like looking at a small screen.

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Looks awkward and kinda uncompfortable to hold.

KLXVER said:

I dont get it, but then again I really didnt get the point of the Switch Lite either...

Nintendo made the Switch Lite because they forsaw the copycats.  They knew that if they didn't make it themselves, someone else would have (although with a different name).

A handheld just as powerful as the Switch but 100 bucks cheaper?  Would have been fierce competition for Nintendo.  The best way to defeat competition is to make it yourself before anyone else gets a chance to.

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