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Forums - Sony Discussion - Project Q - Destined to fail?


What do you think will happen to Project Q?

It will be a success 1 1.69%
It will do well 11 18.64%
Not sure 11 18.64%
It will fail 28 47.46%
This is the worst idea ever 8 13.56%

I voted it will do well.

Under the conditions that PS fans can convince themselves that non-TV gaming is possible and that they will have to like looking at a small screen.

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Looks awkward and kinda uncompfortable to hold.

KLXVER said:

I dont get it, but then again I really didnt get the point of the Switch Lite either...

Nintendo made the Switch Lite because they forsaw the copycats.  They knew that if they didn't make it themselves, someone else would have (although with a different name).

A handheld just as powerful as the Switch but 100 bucks cheaper?  Would have been fierce competition for Nintendo.  The best way to defeat competition is to make it yourself before anyone else gets a chance to.

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Has a purpose but so few. If people want to like Vita remote play with a public/otherwise hotspot connection I'd say they can go for it but how many will do that people barely thought to use a car/power bank/power outlet for the Wii U outside and think it's TV only when it's just the local console/Gamepad connection, get a cheap second screen, or a attachment like the PS1/Xbox Series S, or the bigger screens with cases to transport and play the PS4/Xbox One as an option for the PS5 ones instead.

Pocket PCs/PDAs existed in the early to mid 2000s (Tapwave Zodiac/Gizmondo were gaming Pocket PC/PDA hybrids technically but the PSP/DS overshadowed them), Samsung, Sony, OQO and others dropped off and went after the Smartphone iPhone like devices instead.

GPD/Aya Neo and more likely existed (GPD had many DS looking PC handhelds before the Switch design) before Steam Deck, OEM PC manufacturers with their own devices/hardware scale so the niche of Pocket PCs still kept going (then well smartphones, media player, cameras and the niches or all in one device).

So people are after niches for sure.

But the wording confuses me. Engagement? Vita had PS Now? A storefront? Support even if niche. What engagement of remote play do they expect? It could be slow but builds up and 'everything Sony/Playstation will sell' even if we have Core to replace the movies/tv shows or PS Vue I assume it's mostly if not only Sony content on there right now almost like UMDs ended up before being discontinued.

For a niche item maybe? I enjoy niche items but even I got disappointed with this. A bland UI/launches to PS5 when needs to. No Android (sure doesn't need it but it's less restrictive I mean PC handhelds have Windows/other OS you can offer on it after all but Sony wants it to be locked down a lot I guess so makes sense even if people will with it's limited storage work around that to put whatever on it of PS1 games or a low level OS or something), no dual screen why make it so basic Sony it's just disappointing.

Cloud makes sense then no storefront they have remote play of disk/digital games from the console and the later cloud services of library to offer people so it's still relevant and less work but even still it's disappointing. I can take the not dedicated handheld effort financially but no extra exciting features for a remote play device nah that's just boring.

Or a low end games offering of PS1/PSP even from PS+ (a week re-connection would be awkward yes but still better than 24 hours like the Xbox One 2013 period before that was removed, goodbye people on holidays/wanting a break from their console for valid reasons cough cough, as someone that barely used the Xbox One anyway and did PS3 more on occasion PS4).

I mean you aren't remote playing media on PS Portal, you can't on phones/Vita/PSP so it isn't happening. Licensing reasons/recording content/the connection would weak (even though it can cast games so it can cast movies/tv/music no problem clearly), whatever the case of that.

I get supporting the PS5, I get keeping remote play tech around, I get oh we have the dedicated then PS4/phones/PC/tablets. But just make a Dualsense grips for Tablets at that point? It's cheaper but nope they want encryption/proprietary elements still? The connection won't be 'that much better' sure Vita/Wii U were good for their era of limits but even still. Phones and the app will outbeat it over time and does the dedicated offer?

But the marketing is as bad as other remote play/SmartGlass/Wii U marketing sadly of 'what it does' for remote play fans or later cloud support sure.

For off the TV for a kid/adult/adult playing at night sure. For TV watching and playing sure. But I mean Wii U game support aside did people actually care for it? I did when I got it in 2018.

But I mean dual screen support is at least something then it's single screen and 'no' support what so ever. At least let Indies offer dual screen support or inventories/maps off the TV like come on.

Why have Playlink or UNO card displaying on phones let alone Just Dance (as PS Camera/Kinect aren't supported anymore and used to be how to play them due to the tracking) (both Ubisoft's uses of it, of course Playlink games were made by many of London/others just like EyeToy/Move before it, not only PSVR was the PS4 peripheral games, or games targeted at casuals/families, I mean Hidden Agenda could be just the PS Camera for it's answers but isn't) if you won't even follow up Playlink or Playroom or other little tech demos to expand upon them.

It's the reason GT7 having no PSVR2 split screen sucks (but online races, aka more possible nausea, disconnection, more features even though could go horribly wrong is ok? Ok Sony/Polyphony). All about that graphics then actually a cool feature to offer even if the rendering technique could be used but nope no altering the environments for VR apparently. Remember 60HZ/60FPS mode well not getting that like GT1/Ridge Racer anymore with less objects or no opponents on screen.

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If I had a ps5, I’d get it for $100. Don’t know what the actual price is… I think the name stinks, and it’s totally unnecessary so it will fail. Still, would be cool to have one.

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Has anyone here bought one?

Scalpers bought them all if i recall hearing

VMCJonCarter said:

Scalpers bought them all if i recall hearing

Still counts as sales though, also Scalpers tend to buy things they can also sell

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

I've only seen mostly positive reviews about this. The good WoM will help the device a lot.

But people are still thinking the device can only be used under the same network as your PS5, that's the biggest problem Sony is facing but it'll get better with time.

Qwark said:
VMCJonCarter said:

Scalpers bought them all if i recall hearing

Still counts as sales though, also Scalpers tend to buy things they can also sell

Sales that can make a product's lifetime sales figures more front loaded.